Address provides cheap dried abalone, quality, safety

Address provides cheap dried abalone, quality, safety

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Currently, due to high value of abalone commercially sold abalone so diverse, some sites that sell cheap but often unknown origin, primarily counterfeiting outsourcing to sell at high prices causing great damage to consumers .. Mr. Rich seafood company specializing in providing quality dried abalone reputation. Stable prices throughout the year. Our products have been certificated from Sub agro-forestry management and Seafood. Quality assurance food safety

Basic characteristics of dried abalone

Dried abalone selling prices at seafood company Mr. Rich

Dried abalone selling prices at seafood company Mr. Rich

Abalone is kind of expensive high-end seafood and especially nutritious, specializing old days was used as food for the king, as the representative of the wealth and regal. Abalone is a great source of nutrients help protect the body from cancer and are also regarded as excellent foods to help boost energy for men. In abalone contains 20 kinds of amino acids necessary for the body, with a content of threoin, high isoleucine helps strengthen the immune system and regulates blood sugar. There is also a type of polysaccharide can inhibit some types of cells such as tumor cells from throat cancer, hepatitis A tumor, breast cancer. The research also showed that many of abalone containing polysaccharide have antioxidant properties that help protect the body from damage by free radicals, thereby preventing disease and help fight aging. Abundant amino acid found in abalone help nourish the body and skin beauty effect. Dried abalone is the dried product of fresh abalone.
Emerging market rampant dried abalone very cheap price from snail be faked. For dried abalone is true, then we must first see the form factor, not to be perfect shape defects, round body, shark meat, around evenly, no cracks are the good kind. Sheds light on if in the middle there is a red line, and very heavy hands is the best kind.
6 reasons to buy from us
– 99% of customers are satisfied with the quality products and our services.
– Fast delivery 1 to 2 hours from the time you finish line
– Food clean, safe, and do not use preservatives, no chemicals soak.
– Flexible payment after you received the goods.
– 100% refund if the product quality and price as we have not committed
– Serve 24/7

How much is a kilo of dried abalone?

Quality dried abalone seafood company Mr. Rich

Quality dried abalone seafood company Mr. Rich

Note: the market appeared many places selling fake abalone very cheap, made from snail author. Customers should choose reputable places, avoid buying counterfeit goods, poor quality, affecting health

Currently we offer dried abalone both wholesale and retail prices, depending on their needs. At the same time our company has many preferential policies discount orders to ensure maximum customer benefit
Specification: Vacuum-packed goods, the system underwent accreditation process is a carefully managed, ensuring fresh to customers
Price: contact us!

Address provides quality dried abalone

You need to buy dried abalone hurry to contact us for advice hotline is free and quick ordering. With a staff of enthusiastic and always psychological energetic satisfy every customer.
Phone number: 0913433587 (Mr. Thanh) / 0903732293 (Ms. Hien)
Dried abalone although slightly higher prices but also did not prevent the hearts of food lovers. Abalone can be processed into many dishes, delicious cuisine and attractive always. Especially good for people cầ nourish, restore health. If you have not heard of this material, it would be a big big omission here. Please pick up the phone and call us now to purchase dried abalone dishes are light. Ensure not to disappoint!
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