Buy dried herring where good prices. Dried herring quality assurance.

Buy dried herring where good prices. Dried herring quality assurance.

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Come away with us for choosing quality products and the most delicious. Herring is a wide selection of products at every meal. It was very tasty fish and nutrients. On the market there are many different kinds of dried herring, you are wondering, with your choice? You’ve known dry Herring has a long tradition, but do not know how to buy? Come to our member limited liability companies Giau.

Rustic herring dishes but tasty,food for all  members in family

Delicious dishes from dried herring
Delicious dishes from dried herring

In Viet Nam the waters up to 10 different kinds of herring is still the best, but mostly fish and fish bones round.
Dried Herring silver-gray skin is bluish, small round scales very easily fall out or scratched, body and relatively long life mong.Voi herd behavior in the surface waters helped fish meat is firmer nhieu.Nho so that the fish can easily be caught.

Natural dried herring or steamed fish sauce chili flakes are delicious, but we especially love herring dishes fresh fruit warehouse, sandwiched bread with onion and scallions. Want repository as simple vinegar. Fish purchased Scale, wash, drain and placement into the pot. Vinegar diluted with a little water to moderate acidity, pouring vinegar into the pot, heat on olive Riu wait nine and a water fish.Maybe little bit of salt, sugar and MSG. Each spices very sparingly, because fresh fish is available on its delicious sweetness. Braised fish nor hastily finished eating hot, let it go some purple onion peeled, sliced pickled few degrees fifty minutes. Braised fish delicious and aromatic vinegar, not fishy.
Now, whether it’s morning, noon or mid-afternoon suddenly ravenous stomach, we can “chew” a loaf of bread delicious dried herring. If inventory techniques, soft herringbone, then eat the bones. Warehouse carefully not or do not want to eat the bones, the meat can be separated easily. Fish sandwiched between the bread, add pickled onions, a few stalks scallions or cucumber slices, drizzle with a little extra soy sauce if you like. Submitted mouth chewing a bite of vegetables and vegetables. Aromatic crispy bread, sweet and sour fish pieces, pungent and sour onions and salty sauce … Belly kids can eat only one loaf of bread only, but appointments can also communicate with each other “double saw” or “saw three” more drive anymore … herring dish is very interesting is not it. There is a fish that when you eat it you will never be forgotten and you will also want to be eating more again. That is ca kho Vu Dai Village. This fish dish is indispensable in the new year feast of Vu Dai villagers fish and today has become a great boss presents Tet gifts.

How much does 1 kg of dried anchovies?

the most delicious dried herring processing
The most delicious dried herring processing

Our company has been certified as eligible basis for food safety management decided by the agricultural and forest products and Seafood offers. With many years’ experience in the trade. We will satisfy our customers. In addition, we delivered around the country and especially in the city you be delivered.

Price: Contact.

With useful information as well as dried herring on our way to serve you so, but nothing more. With years of experience in buying and selling. Like many customers already use for processing the delicious dishes from dried herring. Longer hesitate but take our company to choose for themselves the best products of this quality dried herring.



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