Cooking mackerel from sunlight and do a lot more dishes

Mackerel, sea fish very familiar was many people like to eat by dinnertime, fat source … available in fish. This is a very nutritious food for everyone’s health, from the elderly, children, pregnant women and women during the post-natal period.

Processed foods from a sun mackerel.

1. Preserving:

Preserved in the icebox refrigerators, can to be up to about 1 month.
2. The way of processing:
Cut into chunks and then FRY or rim, tomato sauce, … are all very tasty.
Some of the delicacies from mackerel to your reference.
2.1 fried tuna fish sauce chili garlic sauce.
Mackerel is delicious, fresh fish, meat with fried fish and dotted with sauce, you can transform other go a little fried fish dishes will have very strange and fascinating mouth.
a. materials:
-1 large mackerel songs
-1 tbsp of flour power
-Sauce, chilies, garlic, sugar and chili powder
-Cooking oil, served with cucumber.
b. how to make:
-Mackerel washed, to up the basket for drained, marinated fish salad small spoon half into salt.
-Roll the fish over to powder when frying not shot cooking oil.
-Heat the Pan, pour oil on, Golden fried fish are two-sided. Gold fish, remove the forks have lined absorbent paper cooking oil.
Spicy Chili-Garlic, mashed, mixed two tablespoons sauce, two tablespoons of sugar, three tablespoons water, stirring to dissolve the sugar, pour the garlic and chili paste into the sauce Bowl retired.
-Heat the oil, pouring bowls of sauce to the Pan, heat about 2 minutes until the sauce mixture slightly, you make for the chili powder.
-After all the fish on the island were sealed, the lid for about 5 minutes, to penetrate fish seasoning.Bring the disk off the kitchen, served with white rice and cucumber.
c. Note: mackerel washed, drained.
Roll cod through the powder.
The gold fish are fried.
Pour garlic sauce to the Pan, heat.
For the fish into the sauce to infuse spices.
Grilled banana leaf mackerel 2.2
Layers of banana leaves wrapped outside when baked aroma, increases the inherent sweetness of the fish. The dish easy to make and has a rustic but attractive.
a. materials:
-300 g cod
-4 lime leaves
-1 teaspoon chili powder
-1 minced galangal soup spoons
-1/2 soup spoon hash technology
-1 spoonful of soup sauce
-2 tsp. seasoning
-2 soup spoons vegetable oil
-Banana leaves for wrapping

How to make dish from yourself:

+ Fish washed, drained, cut about 1 cm-thick slices, marinated seasoning, sauce for about 10 minutes for infiltration. Then marinated with chilli powder, turmeric, galangal and cooking oil, for 5 more minutes.
Wipe banana leaves. Rinse lime leaves, Thai only.
+ Cover banana leaves into 2 layers, for fish, sprinkle with lemon leaves, wrapped airtight, for real in the oven for about 10 minutes.
Served with hot rice or rice vermicelli.
Tips: Marinated oil on the fish before baking will make more fat and fish being drying. When the Remove class banana leaves, so the fish back in the oven for about 2 minutes to gold fish face.
Grilled mackerel 2.3 rim Bacon
Grilled mackerel dish rim pork when eating the same rice bowl steaming out of new found taste grilled fish, meat and greasy the plasticity of rice rice sweet new …
a. materials:
Fresh mackerel cut: 200 g-300 g
Bacon: 150-200 g
Dried onion
Sauce, seasoning, spices, sugar, water.
b. how to make:
Mackerel, washed, marinated shallot injected dam bit for aromatherapy
Grilled on charcoal until golden aromatic fish songs two shows. (If no condition to Grill fish, you can bring the balls).
After grilling is complete, if the fish to track, you can split or cut investment discretion.
Clean, Thai pork chunks.
For the bacon in the pot, pour water, heat to boiling, then poured water at the first foam clean … goTo add water to the flooded North, meat onto the stove.
When the pot of boiling meat, seasoning, sauce, seasoning, sugar. You should give a normal taste more pale a little to medium at shallow gravy is.
Medium heat until meat is tender, see water in the pot is still face down in water, ginseng, are damping for the meat up nice and evenly colored. This grilled mackerel at the new on the same dried onion batter.
Cover the pot, turn fire liu riu, for about 10 minutes, then turn the fish once, infuse the fish gravy.RIM so until exhausted, close to the water in the pot.
Presentation to disk, to eat hot rice together.
2.4 mackerel in tomato sauce
a. raw materials
-Garlic, Chili
-Onions, dill
-Cooking oil
-Spices: salt, MSG, sugar, seasoning, sauce
b. How do
-Cut mackerel, salted, rinsed, drained
-Tomato, citrus clean cau
-Smashing Garlic press, chopped. Thin Thai Chili
-Onions, then is washed, finely chopped
+ Step 1:
-For oil to pan to heat, for mackerel on the Golden FRY are two sides
-When the nursery yellow fish, remove disc
+ Step 2:
-For the little bit of oil to the Pan, garlic in Africa aromatherapy
-For tomatoes in sauteed Onions are little spice
-When a soft, ripe tomatoes for a little more clean water on the island are
-For fish on the one at om. Flip both sides to evenly penetrate fish seasoning.
-For the peppers into. Turn the fire. Spice-back wedge When fish and roasted permeability are all on the same, slightly roasted, then again for the match, it was to be.
Alternatively mackerel could make homemade coconut lemon butter sauce, rim, with pepper ….
Mackerel is healthy and has many uses, eat mackerel can often help reduce breakouts sisters on the face, skin beauty. By strict food inspection, giving customers the absolute pleasant, making customers feel secure when using a sun mackerel products of our company.

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