Croaker 1 Sun-buy and sell the best products

Croaker 1 Sun-buy and sell the best products

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The towel because you’re wondering concerns pipefish home buying friends online, you want to buy one sunny croaker good price but the quality is guaranteed fresh again are in trouble not so afraid of product quality is not as introduce. luckily when you chose our shop specializing in selling fresh seafood to ensure best quality. Please choose the freshest products from the stall us.

Croaker 1 What is sunny, eat how

Giá của cá đù 1 nắng tại hải sản Ông Giàu
Giá của cá đù 1 nắng tại hải sản Ông Giàu

They dried fish or fish (French name: Sciaenidae Science) is a fish belonging to perciformesthe (Perciformes) life distribution in the ocean and waters in tropical sunny croaker and subtropical areas. There are about 270 species in the genus of fish belonging to 70 genera in Vietnam. There are 20 kinds of rare fish is the most stupid silver (Argyrosomus argentatus). The total fish production of the largest mining in the Beibu Gulf, the zinc fish me different kinds of slow slow, Squirrel Fish, fish slow ears are black, red fish, fish slow, slow asparagus black.

* fish dilatory what features?

Fish have a common characteristic is similar to that of a long flat oval body, side head, dorsal fin is divided into two parts: the first part is the hard and soft spines, posterior teeth fish. Thick balloons, balloons, in which some animals give voice messages to their fellow countrymen

A fish that lives off the coast and eats fish sunny croaker. They usually live in large areas of sandy mud, often hiding in the corner of the stone, stone. Eat fish because fish are very diverse magazine types.

Dried fish (slow) lives in salt water and soda. The number is your sea east and the southwest, such as: Shanghai Fu, Vung Tau Province, to Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, tp.hcm ichu, wharf, wake up…

It may be slow, so the folk “metaphor: time delay slow fish” (Limerick sea fish). He has all kinds of fish: Mom’s red black zinc, take care of him…… There, fuck the red squirrel and take care of themselves is fat mom.

* the nutrition and processing of fish stupid.

Any more bone less meat and fish body, have more fat, fat fish is very stupid. The meat is sweet, Pei Pei had fat tail, so the fish fat. Sweet, particularly gentle, deo plastic soft meat, the traditional view of the queen surnamed Pei. And the ancient physicians are recognized this is a nutritious food.

Slow fish meat dish processing good quality sunny croaker with a lot of delicacy, delicious diners, especially at reasonable prices. He is a fish soup, after the traditional cuisine, in many coastal central and southern. From some typical dishes such as fish, such as fish, dried fish meat crisp food of some slow slow stupid, thick processingusually than roast sauce, dried vegetables, fish, especially a slow light, not all fish can go into a dry raw fish to the sun. The fish mom takes care of such a scale, nearly 2 to 3 times, each of which can be used in a new specialty. This fish has a lot of fat and fat in the body, about 10 to about 12 per kilogram. However, there are a number of recommendations for the object should not eat fish, because the fish caused by cold air is easy for students to produce disease or make the disease more severe nephritis, so people should not eat more.

He n c fresh fish, meat is sweet, but the price is not high, so a little bit closer to the N C fish, silver cheeks…… Only the fishermen caught off the end, or a lucky fish, just put the boiled fish. Fish, after some special vegetable juice, floating wave has its own flavor. The working people are heavy, they eat and drink the warriors…… The tiger bites a big fish, two of his three fingers, “move” in a few pieces of basil, a total of affirmative action to ease. “Well, they” double bite chili. Hear “chug” very crisp.

How many sunny days slow drying fish

place to buy and sell croaker 1 sunny
place to buy and sell croaker 1 sunny

There are all kinds of fish, eyes, mother’s care, he is a live coastal red… It should be easy to catch.

An ordinary day, he just signed the fish $15000. Large fish 2 / 3, with palm about $25000 / lb. He did not know the fish to eat fish, like the mother likes to say, there are very hard seeds, the hotel only teeth, eat something! But when he put the fish, meat sweet, dry, dry fish mother fat. Fire roasted coal, open the flow from top to bottom, the rice is hard to forget! Put the meat or fish, put the bones into the skin of the small mango, mixed with bad little vegetables, pepper, cinnamon, no matter who is difficult to deal with

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Currently we offer 1 sunny croaker fish wholesale and retail prices, depending on their needs. At the same time our company has many preferential policies discount orders to ensure maximum customer benefit
Specification: Item packaging, system underwent accreditation process is a carefully managed, ensuring fresh to customers

Sunny croaker is a specialty of the central coast of Vietnam. In the distant sky – cold countries, with this dish eaten with hot rice and many young fresh salad, there’s nothing warm! 1 croaker our sun always clear origin. Any questions about croaker 1 sunshine make quick call Hotline for advice supports offline! The company has service delivery. There are also shipping services throughout the country by car, bus or plane, depending on customer requirements and the characteristics of the goods. Whenever you need, we will be present! Wish you have a delicious meal with a croaker croaker material!


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