Dried abalone how much money a sign? Where do you buy it?

Dried abalone how much money a sign? Where do you buy it?

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Abalone is one of the seafood in the “treasure bowl” for the King has also had many delicious nourishing effect. Limited liability company business travel service that sells Mr. Giau dried abalone. Stable prices throughout the year. Our products have been certificated from Sub agro-forestry management and Seafood. Quality assurance food safety

Basic characteristics of dried abalone

Quality dried abalone seafood company Mr. Rich

Quality dried abalone seafood company Mr. Rich

Abalone is a rare seafood usually only appear in the royal banquet just behind bird nest, shark’s fin, with a lot of protein, vitamins B1, B2, minerals necessary for the body. Referring to Chinese medicine theory, abalone tonic effect of cooling blood pressure balance, tone skin care supplements, liver, eyes bright. According to traditional medicine, complementary audio abalone, increased gas, cooling, help eyesight, effective health improvement. Abalone also contains 20 kinds of amino acids necessary for the body, with a content of Threoin, high isoleucine, helps strengthen the immune system and regulates blood sugar. Dried abalone is the dried product of fresh abalone. After catching fresh abalone, they will be cleaned, then dried under a vacuum packed and frozen immediately to keep the full quality and taste of the product. So, you will get full nutritional properties of abalone. Meat delicious, sweet and special to make the entire nutrients are preserved
6 reasons to buy from us
– 99% of customers are satisfied with the quality products and our services.
– Fast delivery 1 to 2 hours from the time you finish line
– Food clean, safe, and do not use preservatives, no chemicals soak.
– Flexible payment after you received the goods.
– 100% refund if the product quality and price as we have not committed
– Serve 24/7

Dried abalone selling prices at seafood company Mr. Rich

Dried abalone selling prices at seafood company Mr. Rich

Dried abalone selling prices at seafood company Mr. Rich

Note: the market appeared many places selling fake abalone very cheap, made from snail author. Customers should choose reputable places, avoid buying counterfeit goods, poor quality, affecting health

Currently we offer dried abalone both wholesale and retail prices, depending on their needs. At the same time our company has many preferential policies discount orders to ensure maximum customer benefit
Specification: Vacuum-packed goods, the system underwent accreditation process is a carefully managed, ensuring fresh to customers
Price: contact us!

Address provides quality dried abalone

You need to buy dried abalone hurry to contact us for advice hotline is free and quick ordering. With a staff of enthusiastic and always psychological energetic satisfy every customer.
Phone number: 0913433587 (Mr. Thanh) / 0903732293 (Ms. Hien)
Dried abalone although slightly higher price, but because it is particularly good for health, it is still a large number of consumers favor. When sick, just eat a bowl of porridge is guaranteed abalone will quickly recover. Dried abalone has long asserted its position in the heart of culinary connoisseurs. If you have not heard of this material, it would be a big big omission here. Please pick up the phone and call us now to purchase dried abalone dishes are light. Ensure not to disappoint!
I wish you success with Abalone materials dry!


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