Dried abalone special export quality assurance

Dried abalone special export quality assurance

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We would like to send you a selection where you can dry abalone prestige in Vietnam, which is Seafood Giau. This is a company specialized in the field of dried seafood exports have been granted business licenses and certificates are the basis to ensure food safety and hygiene.

If you are looking to import dried abalone but are wondering about the price and quality of abalone, then come to us- specialized in exporting dried abalone quality assurance clear origin, Cheap Vietnam

Features and benefits of dried abalone

Dried abalone is very complex production stages from fishing to processing. For start, we need to dive into the deep sea, after clamp on the rocks to catch.

Dried abalone seafood is usually rare only appear in the royal banquet. In feudal times, abalone is one of 8 dishes “treasure bowl” dedicated to King chua. Abalone meat  is a crunchy, deliciously scented and very nutritious, is effective in increasing gas, cooled, kidney, anti-asthenia. There’s also good for your eyes, virility, enhance vitality for men.

providing dried abalone

providing dried abalone

Price dried abalone our cheapest offer Vietnam market

Our company is a reputable company and get more customers trusted nationwide seafood products because this is a place that sells seafood with a clear origin and quality assurance. You can choose such products as gifts for friends and loved ones is great, can do more for the food processing is also very special.

Abalone selling price: contact

dried abalone good price

dried abalone good price

Dried abalone how to cook fried shiitake


– 150 g Bok choy – 10 shiitakes – 1 purple onion – 1 squeezed ginger juice – 3 children around 150 g dried abalone – Cooking oil – sesame oil – Soy sauce – sugar – salt


– Choy washed, cut into two, medium boiling water, to fish out into the cold water basin to green vegetables.

– Shiitake mushrooms, soaked until soft, remove the stalks.

– Dried abalone soaked until soft, rinse with water for meat ginger wine maker, to, whole or sliced ​​as you like.

– Non-aromatic onion, fried abalone, edible oil seasoning, soy sauce, sugar, salt to taste. Drain the fried shiitake next, when the mushrooms are soft to Bok choy to the island quickly. Finally for sesame oil, ginger juice, round out the disc, clean using hot.

Dried abalone is used as the abalone porridge, baked stew, soup abalone, grilled abalone, abalone stew vegetables … are brought to taste delicious and nutritious to eat. When selecting products our abalone, ensuring you will be assured of quality and price. Please pick up the phone to contact us immediately do.


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