Dried herring – Delicious food can not be denied

Dried herring – Delicious food can not be denied

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Dried herring  just appeared in recent years and Phu Quoc, and we also unexplained appear as stars. Because of the demand for raw fresh fish to make salad is extremely high, if you use the fish much energy to dry, I can understand because I want to consume the bad herring. But behind this is the dry herring here to heal as fillet kind do so, it is hard to understand.
Dried   herring in accordance with the road mango salad, eat not (fig), change the taste compared to other fresh dishes.

Dried herring

Dry delicious herring

Dry delicious herring


Sardines are low in satay, eat very well, white meat, low in fat and are one of the most readily caught fish. Herring contains a lot of Omega-3 commonly known as fatty acids that produce DHA, one Essential substances play an important role in the development of the brain, enhancing brain health. Omega-3 helps regulate blood pressure. Omega-3 provides positive protection for cardiovascular patients.
Herring is a good source of fish oil, especially rich in omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, herring provides vitamin D is very good for the body. Herring is one of the types of fish that nutritionists recommend.

With its excellent natural properties, it is no wonder that dried herring is a sought after product. Just bake up a delicious nose and also a great muse of the gentleman. But that would be a different result if you mistakenly bought poor quality herring.

These are dried fish made from rotten fish that is impregnated with chemicals for good taste, or long-term fish flavored with urethritis.

All are toxins with the body which, if accumulated for a long time, will turn into cancer and a series of other deadly diseases. Hence, it is imperative to find safe, clean herring for dry herring.

Where to buy herring Ho Chi Minh City:

Dried herring quality

Dried herring quality

Understanding that, we bring dried herring products made from 100% freshly caught fish. The fish is then cleaned and then dried to the specifications. Finally, dry the fish is packed vacuum and freeze and then moved to HCMC. The entire process is manual and says NO to chemicals.With dried product makers, you will no longer have to worry about issues food safety anymore. When you eat, you will feel the salty sweetness of fresh fish. We are committed to 100% refund if the products are used toxic chemicals.

Dried herring can cook tomato soup, or make herring salad. Tomato soup is cooked as usual, while the salad is cooked with fish, mixed with herbs, cucumber chopped fish, fish sauce mixed up to eat all the rice cooker. You have the need to enjoy dried fish. Please contact the order to dry can be for you, because the consumption of raw fish is used as a specialty herring salad is much overwhelming than the other. Other seafood in general and dried herring in particular.Just order the information we provide below you will be immediately dried raw herring delicious attractive. Good luck to you!



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