Dried herring sold home made pure, dried herring where to buy?

Dried herring sold home made pure, dried herring where to buy?

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You’re processing the traditional dish of their country, you’re eating a processing exotic dishes for the whole family. You want to buy online, but fear kuowngj price and quality is not guaranteed. Come to our company. Seafood Giau will help you choose the freshest products from the processing can do to get good food for your family.

The delicious dishes from dried herring. Homemade dishes from dried herring

the most delicious dried herring processing

the most delicious dried herring processing

Dried herring is a daily presence in the dish feast on small, in part because of a sour taste sweet when sauteed with dried Herring’s eat a rice is putting, 1 part dried fish which is extremely salty dishes, save the family feast. At large rùi, occasionally find dried fish cravings of “awful”, dried herring dishes with sweet and sour taste that same blend of sweet and sour fish’s flavor will create a delicious feeling, put the rice in cold rainy days much like this.Ingredients for this dish extremely simple, the Little Mermaid prepares:
150 grams dried fish
2 tablespoons sauce, 2 garlic, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1/2 lemon, 1 pepper, cooking oil
Step 1: how to make sweet and sour fish dish is relatively easy, it is important to choose delicious dried fish. The Little Mermaid should choose ruội small dried fish are small, according to his personal see do this kind of sweet and sour fish dish of dried fish as small as delicious Italy:D, should select the type of dried fish dried games rather than the dry thin curved up usually, if the fish has for so long, delicious dried fish, the fish themselves are glossy, medium dry , pale yellow, if the fish have more white powder sticking around is usually already for so long. The purchase of should wash the dried fish to most dirt because the seller can expose the outside a lot of dust on, then drain and let dry saucepan for 1 fish on small fire island until the fish is completely dry. With what kind of dried fish to to 1 bit, she should give up her head and double snap fish to fry the spices are absorbed when on the fish will more delicious
Pour the fish back out 1 basket eyes ladies, clap clap a few times to fish chips fall out
Step 2: prepare a bowl of sweet and sour sauce: 2 tablespoons cooking sauce, 2 spoons of sugar, chili pepper and garlic finely chopped, seeds removed into the bowl of sauce, squeezed lemon juice mixed together, then the Little Mermaid to remember the first real stir the spices be dissolved, after stirring is completed to about 5 minutes for the spices are completely melts
Step 3: For 1 Pan up kitchen, this dish is a must for large cooking oil into the new “eating lost to” the Little Mermaid, Mamma, if for less then the fish was hot, dry, eat the tasty, not flammable. With 150 grams of dried fish, usually for 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, the equivalent of about 5-7 spoons cooking oil, boiling oil, wait for the venting part dried fish prepared on the island quickly hand over medium heat only comes when the fish have bold yellow and brittle.

How much for 1kg of dried Herring

the st delicious dried herring processing

the st delicious dried herring processing

You can rest assured when using our products from quality to price. You can choose the product quality reputation, as a gift to friends and relatives, can do more for the food processing and our very special Trade Co., Ltd. Travel Services Supplying calendar Giau abalone prices in HCM quality reputation. Our company in selecting perennial dry Herring. Products stored in a freezer kept for 12 months.

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