Dried shrimp Place provides dedicated,where to buy it quality

Dried shrimp Place provides dedicated,where to buy it quality

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Today, the products on the market are the hundreds of thousands of suppliers, to our customers choose a reputable supplier and quality as it is today is not easy. We specialize in providing the dried shrimp in Vietnam is the choice of peace of mind for everyone every home. With the same professional management team of staff work, enthusiasm. So please order with us right now.

The use of dried shrimp:

Dried shrimp are provided by His Rich seafood
Dried shrimp are provided by His Rich seafood

In the area of South East Asia
In Chinese cuisine, dried shrimp are used daily as a spice for sweet taste and originality of the dish.Dried shrimp are also used in the soup within Cantonese cuisine, particularly in some form. Dried shrimp are also used in Korean cuisine, they are soaked in a short time and then sauteed with spices, garlic, ginger, scallions, soy sauce, sugar, and chili peppers. This dish is known as “mareunsaeu bokkeum”.
Dried shrimp are used in the cuisine of Vietnam, and are used in soups, soup, porridge, fried rice, Fried or salty dishes or as the duct gear plant. It is also commonly eaten as snacks or junk food do not need processing.
In Thai cuisine, dried shrimp are widely used and popular with Thai herbs and peppers to produce the kind of Thai Curry and chili powder or salads.
In Burma, the dried shrimp is called bazun-chauk and is widely used in cooking, such as salads, soups and seasonings. It is mainly used for the dishes ethnic coastal region. Dried shrimp baked to use for salads. Dried shredded shrimp was used to make the spice.
In the Philippines, dried shrimp are called “Hibi or hibe” and is used as the salt making tasty dishes.
In AfricaIt is used in African countries like Nigeria when preparing many dishes have vegetables, usually cooked in the same oil with vegetables such as spinach, pepper and tomato sauce.
In MexicoDried shrimp are often found inside the “meatball” comes with traditional Christmas dishes.
In Brazil
The cuisine of northeastern Brazil. It is often used in stews or especially hot sauce, such as in the acarajé. It can also be ground into fine powder for use as a seasoning.
United States,Dried shrimp are introduced to South America can be commonly found in the snack section in the store.

Human meat shrimp:

dried shrimp quality, cheap
dried shrimp quality, cheap

-150 g meat grinder
-50 g of dried shrimp, small type.
-sauce, pepper
-green onions, finely chopped
-Dried Shrimp soaked for about 5-10 minutes for the software.

-Meat marinated with pepper sauce, grind. For the shrimp and meat into the pan for shrimp and meat are all nine islands. North out of the kitchen. Mix the finely chopped onion.

* The cleaning gear:

-Preparation of many small, shallow cups and 1 large autoclave contains more boiling water. Steam in autoclaves as much then get cake was.

-Pour the powder and the small cup to Cup the back (do not pour too full). For cleaning as long as 5 minutes cake is cooked.

(If no more Cup cakes then after nine used a knife or thin thin grip grab the cake out of the Cup and lined up the disk. Pour the flour into the bowl and add back to the pot cleaning).

-Shrimp meat for human and in the center of each pie.

* Sauce:

-Includes sauce sauce Mix + water filter + lemon juice + sugar + chilli results. Tasted sour salty sweet sauce taste.

How much of dried shrimp and a special price of seafood



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We believe that the quality of the product will make you satisfied customers, offering delicious family meals

You need to buy dried shrimp please contact us for the best rate applies. With the method extremely simple ordering through online, call now to either seafood hotline phone number and ordered Mr. Rich. We are committed to deliver best quality, at the right time and take place according to the needs of the customers.



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