Dry Ink Delicious Special Type – taste delicious Cheap

Dry Ink Delicious Special Type – taste delicious Cheap

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At a wine party of the Saigon people, dry squid seems to be something so close on the table. In addition to the aromatic flavor, the sweetness of grilled squid can make it hard for the hardest to taste.Many people are looking for dried squid, dried squid dried all over the place but still do not know what to choose because the squid market dried squid dried squid prices are very volatile. Dry squid prices fluctuate day by day, even hours due to lack of supply. Unlike ordinary agricultural commodities or aqua products that can be farmed, the price of dried squid is getting higher with those of squid. The simple reason is that dry squid can not be cultured but can only be caught naturally and the problem of preserving food is extremely simple.

Dried squid in Saigon

Delicious dried squid

Delicious dried squid

Unlike other products, preservative chemistry is a luxury with dry squid. Just kept in a freezer at a temperature of 10-15 degrees Celsius, it is possible to keep the dry squid and safe for 10-15 days can be exposed to 1-2 hours and use. The quality is only slightly different from the original and the sweet squid remains the same. Because of its safety and simplicity, it does not take much time to select a good squid in Saigon – especially High grade dry ink

High grade dried grapes are a good choice for export to European countries or the Chinese market. Dried squid in Saigon also accounts for the relative amount but is not worth the export volume. Our premium dry squid consists of two main types of ink

The note when choosing the dried ink is delicious

Delicious dried squid

Delicious dried squid

Delicious squid only when whole, not separated, not patchwork and intact squid shape. Note the white powdery on the squid, as much as possible, demonstrating the real dry squid, good squid and beard and squid body must be natural and the ink spikes irregular, note the ink spread in the market. Exposed to the sun for 5-7 days and stored and moved properly, avoiding mucus and bacteria sticking to the body of the dry squid. When buying frozen storage and defrost for 15-20 minutes before use.

The bigger the dry, the harder?
A wrong view. If dry is a high-end squid, dried squid is soft and sweet as it was when properly preserved. Depending on their preferred hobbyist choice of large or small dried squid, older adults have a preference for a small, thin and selective dry selection of medium or large dry squid.We suppose we are guaranteed that, with the specialty of Ba Ria origin, the high quality dried squid will come to you and commit to pay back if the quality is not the same as in the article. Dried grains are cleanly cooked, sun-dried on the day, and kept absolutely hygienic.



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