Dry selling herring – delicious – clean – Quality nationwide

Dry selling herring – delicious – clean – Quality nationwide

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Herring dried foods are very popular because southerners taste, folk. Moreover it is very easy to prepare a delicious dish to serve family meals and family drinking party. Dry Price snapper our extremely reasonable, affordable, quality assurance and credibility. Come to our company to select the right drying herring ensure best quality on the market today.

Features snapper dry:

price of dries herring

price of dries herring

Fresh, dried herring, often made into the baking dish, salad or fried.
Fish is seasoned with pepper, pepper, seasoning salt charming.
When it comes to snapper, the people are very familiar waters, herring is the kind of coastal living, under carangidae. Diamond-shaped body, laterally compressed, blue-gray backs, white belly, yellow stripe along the body iridescent long run.
Not only is the food for the afternoon to enjoy the housewife sister’s husband, a rustic dried herring in family meals, it’s easy to become a favorite food of many people. These days will be chilly rain or the dry smell of herring direction fragrant warm feeling up to the flu.
Dry and herring salad is one of the scrumptious delicacies and very pleased to hand drinking, drinking is prey not only to say no. Besides, dried herring dish served with rice salty rim attractive also can not refuse.
Dried herring processing.
Herring dry processing but not difficult to get quality pieces of fish, both fresh and fragrant meat just to keep the nutrient content once the drying snapper must be prepared and must choose sunny weather day fish dry season. When choosing materials must be selected, but the fresh herring, type of mature, big and fat body equally. Fresh fish are filtered oil, sawn in half and then soaked in salt water for about two days and then bring the sunny exposure.
For herring dry, use alcohol or charcoal. Grilled sardines with alcohol, the baking time faster, softer personality, remains odor of alcohol increases the feeling towards appealing to the party. And with charcoal grilled sardines, the snapper will dry more brittle, will smell more fragrant, attractive and charismatic been slightly to the taste of each person that choose different grill.

Dried herring sale price:

dries herring

dries herring

But not the kind of rare fish but dried herring as raw material for processing into key export items for the gentleman in the drinking party or processing of food in the family meals.
Price: Contact.
Fried herring dishes as fast as other grilled dishes, to fish not to fire should burn small, with just enough oil to ensure food for the fish toughness. Pick up the phone and call for us.People often think of as dried herring dish simmered spicy but not too hard to make, how to make the dish is quite simple. Today we will teach you how to make dishes spicy herring rim. After this article, you’ll learn an attractive delicacies.Dried fish herring are popular but can be processed into food that many people surprised. If you’ve never known this kind of fish this is not a big shortcoming to this. Please pick up the phone and call us now to purchase materials Betel delicious meal of fish are light. Ensure not to disappoint!


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