How to make the dishes from dried shrimp simple but delicious

Dried shrimp is a very nutritious food, if you know how to make them, it will bring more nutrients. In fact, it is common to see dried shrimp appear in the folk food of the Vietnamese or family reunion meals. Perhaps so every family would like to leave a little dried shrimp in the house has long failed and can prepare the delicious dishes from dried shrimp. But not everyone knows dry shrimps combine with those that will bring the highest nutritional value while retaining the flavor of dried shrimp. Today we will go through some of the familiar dishes combined with dried shrimp, both easy to remake and bold unforgettable.

How to process dried shrimp warehouse

 process dried shrimp

process dried shrimp

Dried shrimp or fresh shrimp have their own taste, but generally both are equally delicious and you can use it as a salty dish or as a boiled vegetables.With dry shrimp, you peel, head off and rinse.
Pork fat: Rinse, pomegranate and add to the pan with a medium flame, until the pork fat is yellow and dry to the fat.
Onion and green onion: Wash, sliced.
The water from the pork fat you pour into the bowl and put a little on the pot then the onion and green onion scallions.
Next, mix the fish sauce with sugar, monosodium glutamate and pour into the pot with shrimp and pepper.
As soon as the meat is cooked, you put the remaining green onion; Let the fire just until the mixture is done.

Dried shrimp soup dried shrimp

 process dried shrimp

process dried shrimp


– Pigs: 200g

– Su Su: 2 fruits

– Ca Mau dried shrimp: 30 grams

– Scallion, coriander

– Spices: pepper, salt, main noodles, fish sauce.

How to cook dried shrimp soup dried shrimp:

– Pigs: Wash and secure about 1 liter of water.

– Note: Before the ceiling should be bare or boiled bone to ensure that the bones do not foul, clear and clear.

Su Su: Peel, wash or soak to add pus, slice to eat.

– Scallion, Coriander: Wash, cut.

Dried shrimp: Soak in cold water for 5 minutes, then rinse.

– Boil the pot of bone water and then dry shrimp, boil it together, boil again and skimp thoroughly to make the water is not chiseled.

– When the shrimp is soft, add seasonings to taste and cook until cooked to soft. Finally, lift and scallion the leaves, coriander and pepper. So you have a bowl of shrimp soup dried shrimp delicious, sweet and cool then.

Last time I was introduced to you dry shrimp warehouse for busy people do not have much time to go shopping. But if your family likes fresh produce and you have time to go to the market, then you can make shrimp stuffed with fresh shrimp. You can refer to the below formula to make your family.Why do not you try to change the taste of your family with meat just three dried shrimp. Meat dishes only if cooked, not warehouse or roasted so familiar. Try to combine with dried shrimp view? When 2 dishes of protein together bring together a great source of nutrition for the family, kids will love this new combination. Shrimp has a sweet taste that is hard to chew, not to be removed, the meat just point out fat absorbed into the shrimp to create a strong flavor is not bored.



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