Making a pot of sweet and sour dried anchovy fried crispy delicious meal

Mothers often do the practice of dry anchovy roasted on rainy days or because it is cold. The dry and sweet sour fish is not only still in the salty, but also slightly sweet and sour sweet and sour, so very attractive. Although a rustic dish, but dried roasted fish, seasoning and hidden features of Vietnamese countryside cuisine should be loved by many. Your home is available dried fish but do not know what to do, then please make a hand how to make dried fish roasted sweet and sour.

How to roasted anchovy sweet and sour fish delicious

roasted anchovy sweet and sour

roasted anchovy sweet and sour

Step 1: Dried fish used for roasting dry fish you can choose whatever you like and have, in this tutorial we will perform with dried anchovy. First we need to wash the fish with boiling water for 2 times to thoroughly clean and then dried out.

With garlic, peeled and then chopped, chili nuts and chopped nuts also lemon juice to squeeze juice. Then mix mixed fish sauce fried fish with lemon + garlic + sweetened + sugar + fish sauce stirred to dissolve. The sweet and sour taste of dried fish, sweet and sour depending on the preferences that reduce the amount of lemon, sugar nhé!

Step 2: Continue cooking hot oil and fry in small fry. To dry roasted golden crisps, pour all the oil out of the pan and continue to cook the fish a little more.

Step 3: Then pour the mixture of fish sauce that you mixed in step 1 on the island for about 5 minutes for dried anchovy roasted with seasoning can be reminded down.

How delicious catfish soup cat

spicy dried anchovies

spicy dried anchovies

Dried Anchovy is one of the most delicious fish and most popular today. Let’s try it

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300g anchovies

Green onion

2 tablespoons fish sauce, 1 tablespoon salt, 3 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon of color, pepper, chili powder, oil (or grease)

Buy fish washed with salt water diluted and soaked in salt water + sugar about 10 minutes, removed, drain.

Head down the dam, lining a little bottom of the pot (if the pot is as good). The remaining portion is chopped, mixed with sugar, salt, chili powder.

Mix the anchovies with the onion mixture, add to the pot, season with fish sauce, marinate for about 15 minutes, the fish will drain out of the water.

North float fish on the stove, fire big fire, fish in the boiling pot, reduce the heat, add a little oil or grease to cook riu riu. Occasionally tilt the pot to spice the fish. Store until dry, add a little oil (or fat), sprinkle pepper, and open fire to drain the water

Sauteed dry anchovy with garlic flavor will make you crave and sit at the table right, enjoy dry rice fish with sweet and sour rice is the best. How to make dried fish roasted sweet and sour crispy delicious convenience because the materials are available, the time is fast, so many people choose to busy.



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