Order croaker 1 sunny with just a click of the mouse

Order croaker 1 sunny with just a click of the mouse

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You are wondering whether to buy one sunny Where croaker fish quality, low price and still ensure food safety and hygiene? Come with us – Company Limited Trading Service Tourism Mr. Rich for many years in the industry, we specialize in wholesale and retail sale 1 sunny croaker fish to restaurants cafes, diners enjoy this dish Price stable both year round.

Information on a sunny croaker products

1 sun-dried croaker only cheap seafood at Mr. Giau

1 sun-dried croaker only cheap seafood at Mr. Giau

Croaker is the croaker fish or their belonging They goby (scientific name: Sciaenidae), the sea bass (Perciformes) live in the sea and distributed mainly in tropical waters, subtropical .. They fish usually live large herds hiding in the reefs, rocks near shore and inner for the fish is very diverse because of the type omnivorous fish. A sun dried croaker croaker is made of large size nearly 2-3 times the normal type of care is croaker, per kilogram of about 10-12 children. Croaker fresh after the first cut, cleaned, drained, soaked in salt water fish with moderate salinity, then remove them from the salt water and leave to cool a refrigerator compartment for infiltration fish, the stage final the most important is to bring intense sunlight exposure 8-10 hours. When exposed, they must see the wind direction to the direction toward which to fish belly drafts take into the belly of the fish to dry completely, fish farming has its se, supple flesh, not cows that remain subtle sweetness of the fish salty taste of the sea. Type a sun can be fried or grilled fish cooked blistered skin often differs completely dried fish. This fish tastes sweet, plastics and special annealing tender, fleshy rear. You can transform a variety of delicious food, appealing to taste and preferences, special products can be used directly after baking, frying, or processed into the toad mix salad, mango are especially delicious. Or you can take to make gifts to distant relatives also very meaningful, intimate.

How much money a croaker a sun sign

1 sun-dried croaker prestige, quality, safety and hygiene of food

1 sun-dried croaker prestige, quality, safety and hygiene of food

Currently we offer sunny croaker 1 wholesale and retail prices, depending on their needs. At the same time our company has many preferential policies discount orders to ensure maximum customer benefit
Specification: Dried, undergo system testing process quality management is a carefully, ensuring fresh goods to customers
Price: Contact !
Address 1 sunny croaker sale online – quickly and easily order
You should buy one sunny croaker fish make rapid contact us for advice hotline is free and quick ordering. With a staff of enthusiastic and always psychological energetic satisfy every customer.
Phone number: 0913433587 (Mr. Thanh) / 0903732293 (Ms. Hien)

Croaker a sunny finished products are clean cut off the head and intestines, vacuum packing, ensure hygienic. The meat is not salty, sweet, bold and just want to eat ever eat, eat forever. Our company also has the dynamic delivery shipper and many years of experience. Commitment to product delivery – on time – the maximum customer support possible. Please call us to enjoy dishes with 1 light heavy weight croaker fish !


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