Price of dry squid on the ho chi minh city market now

Price of dry squid on the ho chi minh city market now

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When it comes to dry squid prices, we have to admit the word “high price”, and can buy low quality. But how high is suitable, quality is proportionate?

Price of dry squid on the ho chi minh city

Dry squid - sea specialties

Dry squid – sea specialties

The dried squid that is commonly sold on the market today is dried squid, also known as Crushed Squid. This price is about 580,000 VND / kg (12-16). Also the squid is dried, but the quality is much better, it is Dry Squid. This type is thick, eaten very sweet and soft, the price is higher than the scratches about 100,000 VND / kg. Most current users do not notice the difference between the two.
Dried cuttlefish cost about 500,000 VND / kg (12-16), which is more tough than squid. Squid, this type of food is not good, bitter taste, only to sell tea thief only. If you buy food or make a gift, dry squid is the best choice. Dried squid is usually sold in pubs, karaoke because of cheaper price, quality is less noticeable.

Special dry squid has the highest value

Dry squid - sea specialties

Dry squid – sea specialtiesx

In order to provide more dry dry squid ink at a cheaper price,we always seeks to reduce costs of products to compete with inferior squid. We want to expand our business by paying more attention to the quantity sold than to the price on each product. Therefore retail establishments will be cheaper when buying at the premises of us.
Restaurants, bars and karaoke bars are very stable. Although the purchase amount is not large but long. We is aware of this should always find a lot of approach and give a convincing price.
One problem with this market is that they pay little attention to the quality of the dried squid, so it is difficult to distinguish between dry quality Squid. Dry squid is the type that is sold very much in the billiards, karaoke today because it is cheaper than the size, the size of the child is easy to sell to customers.

Nha Trang dried squid made from squid, fish and dried directly on the ship, should be fresh, completely dry when the ink is exposed to 6-8 sunny days. Nha Trang dried squid, and dried squid Phu Quoc is considered as one of the best dry squid in the country. Dried squid can process delicious dishes such as dried squid, grilled squid, dry squid, dried squid, dry squid, dried squid, etc. Nha Trang dried squid suitable for gift giving. Plane or go abroad.The price of dried squid in the market depends on the quality of squid and the time of year. The quality of dried squid has many forms such as low quality, popular form, high quality … Therefore, you should choose to buy dried squid at reputable establishments for quality to match the price. The best dried squid often mentioned is dried squid in Nha Trang and dried squid in Phu Quoc.



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