Prices quoted dried squid on the quality of today’s market

Prices quoted dried squid on the quality of today’s market

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You are referring to the price of dried squid in the market today how much 1kg to buy to make a gift or gift of meaning. Come to the Sunshine Specialties for the best dried squid at the most affordable prices.The price of dried squid in the market depends on the quality of squid and the time of year. The quality of dried squid has many forms such as low quality, popular form, high quality … Therefore, you should choose to buy dried squid at reputable establishments for quality to match the price. The best dried squid often mentioned is dried squid in Nha Trang and dried squid in Phu Quoc.

Features dry type squid and quality

Delicious grilled dried squid

Delicious grilled dried squid

Nha Trang dried squid made from squid, fish and dried directly on the ship, should be fresh, completely dry when the ink is exposed to 6-8 sunny days. Nha Trang dried squid, and dried squid Phu Quoc is considered as one of the best dry squid in the country. Dried squid can process delicious dishes such as dried squid, grilled squid, dry squid, dried squid, dry squid, dried squid, etc. Nha Trang dried squid suitable for gift giving. Plane or go abroad.

Introduction: Dried squid, also known as Dried Squid, is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine made from squid material by drying or sun-drying in the sun.

– After catching fresh squid, we will cut the squid to flush out, remove all organs, cuttlefish … leaving only the body and head and then drying or drying until The squid becomes dry and hard.

* Dried squid: dried squid in Nha Trang, Phan Rang, Phan Thiet.

The price of dried squid in the market today is how much 1kg

Delicious grilled dried squid

Delicious grilled dried squid

Dry squid: dry squid ink

– The product is packed in 0.5kg or 1kg for convenience of storage, transportation in the country or to go abroad. Have a vacuum if you have storage needs to take abroad. It is a delicious dry ink in Saigon today.

Commit to the right sales. If not satisfied Customers can return the goods and we refund to you.

– We sell dry squid with a lot of choices affordable.

Price of dry squid: how much ink dry? Is a question that many customers buy interest. Sometimes you buy the wrong place, the second part is lack of information should be screaming price (also buy the ink but pay quite high)

For the purpose of providing more dry dry squid  with cheaper price, Seafood always seeks to reduce the cost of products to compete with the poor quality ink. We want to expand our business by paying more attention to the quantity sold than to the price on each product. Therefore retail establishments will be cheaper when buying at the premises of  Seafood. One problem with this market is that they pay little attention to the quality of the dried squid, so it is difficult to distinguish between dry quality ink. Squid squid is the type that is sold very much in the billiards, karaoke today because it is cheaper than the size, the size of the child is easy to sell to customers.


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