Provide quality dried herring in Ho Chi Minh City

Provide quality dried herring in Ho Chi Minh City

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You’ve heard of the dried herring – sea specialties. Dried herring can call the Sea Lords species because not only delicious, but also full of nutrients. Industry and Trade Co., tourist services is pleased Giau supply units dried herring specialties for diners Vietnam. Products of our company has been certified as eligible basis for food safety management by Departments Agro-forestry and Seafood offers so you can be assured of quality

how to process delicious dishes from dried herring

dries herring

dries herring

You like to eat grilled dried fish to dragging cold day? Equally delicious dried herring grilled snapper. Herring dry and spicy salty sweet taste slightly dry like snapper, cooked her husband’s drinking is not impeccable. Raw materials and extremely simple way and in no time for people who are always busy, just spend a little time processing is that you already having a delicious grilled dried fish tempting to entertain the whole family enjoy family to dinner and then, charming included rice, rice cookers home soon you will quickly sold out for viewing. With a simple way to do this at home, hope you can easily implement to both enjoy, make sure everyone will enjoy much, this dish will be very suitable for the meal “improve” of your family. Good food more palatable to people will certainly be happy housewife sister. This would be a perfect choice of housewives when adding dried fish baked into daily menus for family meals become a lot richer. Therefore, in order to stimulate the appetite and the “appetite” of the whole family, you can show resourceful, his ingenuity by embarking on processing exotic dishes, tempting to meals families get the necessary new home nhe.Trong invites all times “high rice less rice”, rising prices at present, the ingenuity of the housewives will be expressed through knowing how variations simple foods, availability of aromatic dishes, delicious for the whole family to enjoy. Let dry food processing delicious herring them!

Dry dishes from sardines is a lot like salty food warehouse is mixed with rice or salad reputation. This tasty dishes to support for the body. How to preserve the herring supply dried quite simple, limited to in damp places and so to dry in places

Price of dries herring:

price of dries herring

price of dries herring

Our company specializes in providing dry goods quality herring on the market with the best prices while ensuring quality.

Price: Contact!

You also do not hesitate any longer, but pick up the phone and call us to his property for the herring dry batch quality to entertain friends and family on the occasion of the upcoming holidays. To the seafood company Giau you can be assured of quality and price. On the other hand, we have a home delivery service gives you more time to relax.A suggestion to process dried shelled crab dish herring salad squeeze, this dish salty flavor, but flavor sweet aroma when baking, weekend picnic with this dish very reasonable. Place an order with us and into the kitchen for home cooking are light.


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