Specialized retailers Dry Shrimp – very sweet Khoi Rach

Specialized retailers Dry  Shrimp – very sweet Khoi Rach

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When talking about specialty Ca Mau, no one can not remember the Rach Kok dry shrimp. In Ngoc Hien district, dry shrimp farming has existed for hundreds of years. The shrimp is dry because of the raw material made from silver shrimp farmed in natural shrimp square, which is processed manually and according to the requirements of customers that provide. There are customers requesting peeled shrimp and there are also customers demanding dried shrimps in shell for export.

Special Ca Mau dried shrimp 1kg

dried shrimp products

dried shrimp products

Dried prawn is steamed and dried before being peeled, so it can be eaten immediately without having to wash it like dried shrimp products at the market (can be marinated with chemicals)
On average 6 ~ 7 kilograms of fresh shrimp makes a kilogram of dried shrimp, so the premium price is always over a million / kg. But in return, the shrimp into the soup pot will absorb water hatched twice, so many new users surprise first.
We vacuum free to ensure the taste and long preserved for you, printing English labels for you to go abroad.

Shrimp in shell, peeled when eaten very delicious
Market dried shrimp in Ca Mau


Ca Mau cheap dried shrimp right origin

dried shrimp products

dried shrimp products

Dried shrimp is a versatile dish, which is cooked during processing, dried shrimps can be eaten immediately with very useful tubers, or as raw materials for cooking fried, stir-fried, steamed, cooked dishes. Power, sweeten the food, add delicious.
To get products bearing the specific flavor of the forest and sea, Ca Mau people have their own secrets when boiling shrimp. Shrimp must be boiled in boiling water for 5-6 minutes, then salt to boil for another 4 minutes and then dried or dried.
Avoid buying dried shrimps bigger than the chopsticks: Shrimp in the longest life is not with the little finger, so when dried and peeled, small shrimps are about the size of the chopsticks only.
In terms of quality, coconut milk is very different in the habitat of salt water, so when you eat shrimp, the salty taste of the sea and the sweetness of shrimp meat mix and melts in tongue to feel the deliciousness. THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE OF CA MAU SPECIALTY.

Premium Phan Rang dry shrimp is made from natural sea shrimp, which is caught from coral reefs, phytoplankton and diversified shrimp feed. Therefore, Phan Rang dried shrimp is very sweet and nutritious.Dried shrimp in Phan Rang is naturally reddish due to fresh shrimp, clean legs and gills. The shape of the shrimps are in shape, stiff, round and firm. When squeezed shrimp, shrimp is not broken or soft.Commitment not to shrimp and brackish shrimp farming. Phan Rang dried shrimp delicious color and sweet taste. Customers can try dried shrimp free products to evaluate and peace of mind about product quality.



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