Specializing in providing premium dried abalone nationwide

Specializing in providing premium dried abalone nationwide

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Abalone clues provided delicious cheap Dry contact us ordering advice. We are proud to be the company that sells dried abalone most prestigious, quality assurance, clearly sourced food.  Dried Abalone price competitive level, in line with the quality of products as well as your pocketbook. Try to contact us for quality products that are light

Features of dried abalone:

Dried Abalone

Dried Abalone


Abalone is a rare seafood usually only appear in the royal banquet. In feudal times, abalone is one of 8 dishes “treasure bowl” dedicated to King chua.Thit block abalone is a crunchy, deliciously scented and very nutritious, is effective in increasing gas, cooled , kidney, anti-asthenia. There’s also good for your eyes, virility, enhance vitality for men. Phu Quy island abalone famous throughout the country, usually in the form of dried abalone, or fresh abalone. Combined with abalone shark fin soup became great tonic abalone shark fin.
Dry Abalone
Code: dried abalone Phan Thiet
Unit: 100 gram
– Specification: 0.5 kg / bag packaging.
– Origin: Dried abalone Phu Quy island.

Note: In many places the market appears imitation abalone sold very cheaply, made from snail author. Customers should choose reputable places, avoid buying counterfeit goods, poor quality, affect health.


Price of dried abalone

Price of dried abalone

Somewhat elaborate dishes are stewed for over two turns. Furthermore, water consumption and very fresh abalone due to raw material security from the bones, meat and vegetables – a cooking style of the Chinese common.
4 baby abalone
300g chicken legs
8 ears fresh shiitake
1/2 carrot, 1 stalk green onion, 2 teaspoons ginger juice, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce, 500ml water, 1 teaspoon soy sauce, 1 teaspoon white wine, 2 teaspoons seasoning , 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon cornstarch
– Pry abalone meat, scraped thoroughly cleaned, marinated in sugar, salt, soy sauce, white wine and ginger juice, for about 1 hour, then rinse, drain
– Chicken feet washed.
– Shiitake mushrooms, remove the legs, washed, boiled boiling water with little ginger shredded pulped take out, squeeze to remove odors.
– Carrots peeled, washed, finely shredded. Scallions left roots, stripping yarn
– North pan on stove, add 1 tbsp oil, wait very hot oil, for abalone in hand and constantly stir until the water is shallow. Then, the white wine and continue until drain Island
– North pot of water on the stove, oyster sauce, soy sauce, white wine, sugar on, for half of the chicken legs into the tunnel with abalone and shiitake about 3 hours. After that, remove the abalone and mushrooms Discard broth (or advantage for the marinade for other dishes), the chopped mushrooms separately microfiber
– North broth on the stove, for the remaining chicken legs that water and simmer until slightly comparable, take out, for abalone and mushrooms and seasoning seasoning, continue to carrots, scallions, and cook for 3 minutes. Finally, as compared with cornstarch.
Outward remittance:
– Mix flour with water, at the rate of just phase 1 powder 2 medium is water. If dilution too, when hit batter into the soup, the soup will be pale or lose.

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With the motto of quality dried abalone to every house we are committed Abalone accessible to people of all houses are the types Dried Abalone quality, no preservatives, no other chemicals harmful to human health who are committed by professional conscience. We are dedicated to providing Abalone where dry prestige, high quality, large and small restaurants, hotels, resorts, supermarkets and all provinces and cities across the country transported to consumers.


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