Specializing in selling a sunshine mackerel – competitive prices nationwide

Specializing in selling a sunshine mackerel – competitive prices nationwide

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Mackerel a long sunshine is a special food like an obvious thing. It is found in seafood are pleased diners despite being young and old men and women. If you are still confused, please call our company for advice is free. Trade Co., Ltd. Travel Services specializes in selling mackerel Giau an extreme sun for good quality. Delivery requested by customers. Just a call is simple and easy, you will have a Mackerel specialties this sunshine!

Mackerel a different sun to mackerel often?

Sunny Mackerel

Sunny Mackerel

Certainly many women we’ve heard a sun fish, squid … and many a one sunny sunshine again without understanding, or wondering what it is boring, it’s different types of frozen or fresh song.Hi these expectations Mr.Rich seafood share what helps you have better overview, for more discerning in their choices.

Mackerel a delicious sun is the center of every child to mackerel, after catching the fishermen will be cut, get to delicious slices washed with clean sea water (not fresh water wash) .Then mackerel being exposed to a crisp sunny (sunny, bitter), only a single sun before being vacuum, freezing immediately after do.Ca obtained a sun exposure after the surface will be available again, all the blood, all viscosity reducing fishy.

Mackerel a basic retains sufficient nutrients, the taste of mackerel tuoi.Ca obtained an appropriate sun to warehouse items, baked, tomato sauce .. because when processing these items of her housewife usually fried gold briefly for 2-sided, just take time, dry just right, just submerged oil, with a sunny mackerel sisters can provide very convenient processing always delicious mackerel lanh.Vi sun exposure should retain a degree of natural salty fish during processing should hardly need to add spice.

Regarding preservation and mackerel a sun longer shelf life, if stored correctly, can be up to 3 months (remember mackerel fish is quickly broken) .From mackerel should bring a sunny sisters warehouse , rim, or barbecue sauce is delicious

Price of a sunny Mackerel fish ?

price of sunny mackerel

price of sunny mackerel

Fresh mackerel fishing vessels of fishermen, is slice and direct sun exposure an individual should retain the natural sweetness and characteristic aroma.Mackerel a privilege of giving human sea, good food, high in protein attraction and is gradually becoming a popular dish in the daily diet.Research by the American Health Association showed that omega-3 in fish collected have the ability to stop the growth of breast cancer cells and the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.A sunny mackerel preserved frozen in the freezer, shelf 1 month. Because tuna is again exposed to a sun-sea fish should remain natural salinity of the processed fish should almost without spice.Mackerel, fish types are more familiar people enjoy eating by source of protein, fat … in mackerel very nutritious for the health of people, the elderly, children, pregnant women and women during postpartum period.

Specification: a sunny mackerel, vacuum molding, cold storage

Price of sunny Mackerel: Contact Us

With many places selling mackerel on the market a little more sunshine makes you feel difficult to choose based fish a reputable seller. Seafood Company Giau will make you feel satisfied when buying goods where our company, from the stage of consulting enthusiastic customers to department ensures quick delivery will give our customers the top doi.Voi satisfied customers are the motto is God, we will give our customers the best service when ordering tuna a sunny here.


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