Specializing in selling dried squid – quality type 1

Specializing in selling dried squid – quality type 1

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After catching the squid was fresh, the dollars will cut squid to ball out, take all organs, ink capsule … leaving only the head and the body and exposed to the sun or dried until the ink becomes dry and hard.Dry Ink Nha Trang: made from squid, are sawn and dried direct question on board, should ensure fresh, totally dry when the ink is exposed to the sun for 6-8 days. Dried squid Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and dry ink is considered one of the finest dry ink where the country. Dried Squid can be processed delicious dishes such as dried squid, dried squid rim tamarind, chillies and sweet dried squid, dried squid salad, porridge dried squid, dried squid … Nha Trang suitable as gifts, donations, portable machine fly or go abroad.Our company specializes in selling quality dry squid type 1 nationwide

Delicacies from the dry ink:

Dried squids

Dried squids

1) Dry Ink fried fish sauce
– Dry Inks, about 300g
– Butter: 25g, lemons: 2 pieces, chili horns: 1 fruit, onion: 1 bulb, early onions, minced garlic available, sauce, seasoning, sugar and cooking oil.
Doing :
– Dry toner after cleansing, cut into bite size pieces, should not be too tough to cut, soak in warm water for about 20 minutes for soft ink.
– Place in hot oil pan fried crispy, then fish out to dry.
– Julienne peppers seeded horns, areca zone status onion, halved onion head.
– Non-aromatic garlic with oil, for horn peppers, onion head, onion fried fragrant. Then to further drain on ink, seasoning sauce, seasoning, sugar to taste on, shock evenly absorbed ink sauce, remove from the heat.
– Let dry sauce fried squid dish, dot with chili sauce, used as food is tasted great.
Dai dai ink pads, absorbent, all spices, blended with spicy chili sauce, broth is eaten alone, just take a little time, it had a delicious food could not resist.

2) Dry Ink grill:

This is the favorite of many people, especially when dragging with friends on weekends or on holidays here. Method is simple. Can bake dry ink on coal fire, on alcohol or on a gas stove, but the best is on the dunes. Here’s how to grill on the alcohol level.

– Dry Inks and alcohol 90 degrees
– Detached body and beard ink.
– Give yourself the old cartridge into the pan.
– Fill up your moderate alcohol levels, flip back the squid for about 1-2 minutes to let the alcohol is absorbed ink.
– Igniting the pan, use chopsticks to flip quickly back of the cartridge until the cartridge bent and burnt, the alcohol is cooked squid.
– Package ink on paper, using ink Baseball tapped to mild and sweet. Tear into pieces of squid, served with chutney.
– Time and time grilled squid dipped only 3-5 minutes depending on big or small squid.
– The amount of alcohol should be moderate squid grilled squid otherwise be burnt, bitter food.
– For grilled squid cooked well and not beard on fire, you should separate the beard grilled squid together.
– Be sure to add sugar to the bowl and stir chili sauce, the ink dots will see much more delicious.
3) Dry Ink Porridge
– A dry toner
– Dried shrimp soup will help you add fresh, fragrant
– Carrots: 4 tubers
– Restoration of white: 1 tubers
– Glutinous rice: 150g
– Chicken Bones: 1 set
– Ginger, green onions, cilantro
– Blood pigs: 200 g
– Sauce, salt, pepper, sugar.

Cost dry squids on the market:

price of dried squids

price of dried squids

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