Specializing in selling shrimp Dried- Place offers take place for every home

Specializing in selling shrimp Dried- Place offers take place for every home

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Along with Vietnam seafood industry and is currently a unit dedicated to providing prestige dried shrimp in Vietnam, we are always trying to bring the best food, the best for our customers. Highlights of our product quality is always guaranteed dried shrimp origin and how to clear a safe processing and rigorous testing of product quality.

dried shrimp supplier

dried shrimp supplier

The use of dried shrimp

In Indonesian cuisine dried shrimp known as Ebi, Ebi is an important part of Indonesian and Chinese cuisine as well as dishes Palembang, it is used for frying different vegetable dishes of China Indonesia, like sheep white cabbage with dried shrimp. In Palembang dishes, dried shrimp are boiled, pounded and fried, the fried bread flavored fish.

In Southeast Asia

In Chinese cuisine, dried shrimp are used daily for sweet taste and originality of the dish. Dried shrimp is also used in the soup, and it is also featured in Cantonese cuisine, especially in a number of dishes such as noodle and bread book and ash. Dried shrimp is also used in Korean cuisine, we are immersed in the bottle for a short time and then stir-fried with spices, garlic, ginger, green onions, soy sauce, sugar, and chili. This dish is called “mareunsaeu bokkeum” in Korea.

Dried shrimp used in the cuisine of Vietnam, and is used in soups, broth, soup, fried rice, or noodles Saute or savory dishes. It is often eaten as snacks or snacks.

In Burmese cuisine, dried shrimp called bazun-chauk and widely used in cooking, such as salads, soups and condiments. It is mainly used for ethnic minority dishes along the coast. Whole grilled shrimp to use for the salad as laphet Burma (fermented tea leaves), tomato and kaffir lime salad. Shredded dried shrimp used to make spice as Kyaw Kyaw and balachaung ngapi.

In Thai cuisine, dried shrimp are widely used with chili and Thai herbs to produce curry powder and Thai chili or salads.

 In the Philippines, dried shrimp called “Hibi / hibe” and is used as salt in food.

In Africa

It is used in countries such as Nigeria Africa when preparing dishes involving vegetables, usually cooked in oil with vegetables such as spinach, pepper and tomato sauce.

In Mexico

Dried shrimp are often found in “Meatballs” comes with the traditional Christmas dishes.

In Brazil

The cuisine of northeastern Brazil. It is often reused in stews or special hot sauce, such as in acarajé. It can also be relatively finely pulverized to use as a condiment.


Dried shrimp was introduced to South America can be found in the section popular snack size in stores south of Louisiana.

How much the selling price of 1 kg of dried shrimp:

    Dried shrimp price: contact

which sells dried shrimp

which sells dried shrimp

You need to buy dried shrimp quality, good price please contact us directly for assistance and free advice to get the best rate applies. With the method is extremely simple to order, call to one of the two seafood hotline telephone number and ordered Mr. Rich. We are committed to ensuring the quality of delivery, the right time and take place according to the needs of the customers


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