Specializing in selling- Specialty Inks a central sun

Specializing in selling- Specialty Inks a central sun

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A sunny ink inks are dried through a sunny but right inside the guts still fresh, it is only 50% of nine children. Specialty inks a central sun-dried squid special attached form.

Features of the ink are a delicious sun

They are very diverse line up of ink cartridges have a wide variety of different sun. But they are usually made from squid or squid as this is the best 2 inks in our country. Normally squid fishermen chose to ink a sun because they are considered the king of the ink. Squid with thick flesh, firm, sweet flesh, they also favored by consumers when making a sunny ink.

Squid fishermen brought up then washed to reduce the salinity of the sea before exposing. Where the ink is dry and sunny ensure food safety during exposure. After drying is complete, usually white ink, dry and very easy maintenance.

a flexible ink sunny

a flexible ink sunny

The price of a sunny current level

Ink a sun is one of the specialties most preferred by tourists and also the precious gift to give to loved ones while traveling on. they often appear in the menu of the pubs because they easy to prepare, quick and also ensure the taste of ink. Price levels are now a lot of sunshine different prices because there are so many places to sell. You want to choose a reputable, quality assurance, please come to us.

Prices ink a sun: contact

Seafood ink a sun sentence Giau and processing directly in the waters of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa, Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan and so on, is the largest fishing grounds with delicious seafood quality leading the country. Including outstanding items as dried squid, cuttlefish a sunny, level 3 sunny plasticities.

Products packed in 0.5 kg or 1 kg weight, from 2-6 / kg

A sunny ink sealed for convenient storage and transport in foreign countries or carried away.

selling a sunshine ink

selling a sunshine ink

How to make a sun-baked squid satay

1 Prepare a sunny squid, you should choose a sunny leaf inks, because these inks thicker than squid rice, meat more tender, that are suitable for this particular dish. A monumental satay


  • First to ink a sun thawed (see how a sun thawing squid), then use a knife point of dragon scales as shown below. The purpose easily to permeate meat satay squid
  • After that, marinated squid with satay, for about 5-10 minutes to saturate spices
  • For the marinated squid on the stove and grill. See Notice how a sun baked so tasty ink here.
  • When you see a layer of dry satay, while gold are also cooked squid
  • You give a disc cartridge, sliced ​​to taste.
  • To increase your appeal, you can use with chutney, cucumber, tomato or vegetable shady

A sunny ink products can be processed many dishes, ideal for meeting friends. Hurry to contact us you will get the freshest product of us.


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