What is dried herring, buy where online excerpt, where buy

What is dried herring, buy where online excerpt, where buy

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You are required to buy dried herring delicious food processing. You are a foreigner, but you want to buy dried herring in Vietnam. you want us to deliver the products dried herring quality assurance. We will provide you the best products on the market. Dried herring we guarantee the most fresh. From past to present, we always offer the freshest fish and white birds. Join us to see our products offline.

Information about dried herring and some of its health benefits

Dried herring quality

Dried herring quality

Herring is also one of the wild fish but have nutritional value and great economy. Not too fishy tasting fish, meat, white back, very sweet and aromatic. The price of this type of fish is also relatively cheap should fit many people’s pocket money. Herring is the raw materials to make sauce, in addition fresh herring are rich in omega 3 good for health. Vietnam not only that many countries of the world such as Russia, Japan, Germany, Denmark, … are much-loved dishes from the excerpt. So what makes this fish species is love so special? Why it’s great value but not the expensive price? Find the answer in the article below.

Characteristics of herring

Characteristics of herring

In our country there are up to 10 different herring type but primarily for still the round fish and fish bones.
Herring has a bluish silver grey skin, small round scales should be very easy to shed or scratched, the long bodied and relatively thin. With the computer lives in flocks of surface water has helped give the flesh a lot more toned. Thus this type of fish can be easily caught.
Herring meat not those very toned but also less fishy, little fat should eat so and on. One of the important nutritional component of herring is the type of omega-3 fatty acid, is a substance that has the effect of producing DHA helps brain development, cardiovascular protection, prevention of high blood pressure. This fish type deserves to be in the list of health food should be used often.
However there is another point to note is that the best types of fish contain toxins in the liver, eggs and the genital parts. This section details the many unique is its reproductive period.
According to the fishermen from the fishing net, the herring season lasts for about 5 months, but many of the most delicious and most is in July, August, lunar calendar.

There are many famous dishes such as shellfish, herring from Phu Quoc fish sauce, dried herring, ….
Here, in addition to the traditional processing thucpham.com will guide you to do some famous specialities from this fish. You can often change the dish to enrich his menu.

The price of dried herring how much 1 kg.

Dried anchovy in Vietnam

Dried anchovy in Vietnam

You can rest assured when using our products from quality to price. You can choose the product quality reputation, as a gift to friends and relatives, can do more for the food processing and our very special Trade Co., Ltd. Travel Services Supplying calendar Giau abalone prices in HCM quality reputation. Our company in selecting perennial dry Herring. Products stored in a freezer kept for 12 months.

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