Which sells quality snakehead fish drying in Ho Chi Minh

Which sells quality snakehead fish drying in Ho Chi Minh

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Dried mullet how much 1 kg of the questions you would ask yourself the most. Everyday I receive over 10 similarly question. And I discovered an extremely interesting thing is that you seldom care about the quality of dried mullet! And sometimes, you buy dried fish snacks at a good price but when eaten are not very satisfied. This inadvertently causes you to lose some money and opportunity to use good quality products. Our company is the most prestigious place on seafood trade market now dedicated to providing quality loac dried fish and the price is very affordable.

Some characteristics of dried snakehead fish we provide

Dried fish snack delicious

Dried fish snack delicious

One kilogram of dried snakehead fish has about 12 to 15 fish depending on the size of the snakehead fish. And to make 1kg dry snakehead, we need about 5kg of fish. 100% fresh mullet, are carefully selected and thoroughly cleaned. Using only traditional spices, do not use dyes and toxic substances. So our snakehead fish drying can only preserved in refrigerators only.

By the sense that you can recognize dried  snakehead fish delicious. Look outside dry snakehead fish color is very uniformly colored. Dry hands with soft touch and not too dry certain hardware. Sniff scented natural spices and marinated fish, particularly notorious for their distinctive no odor (smell). As for taste, the taste is dissipated or dots can add tamarind sauce for tasty, not too salty as the sea dried fish, eat not sweet (sugar intake will have marinated and fried quickly in brackish brackish burning).

Note: Do you thoroughly clean the molded fish? Usually blue-black mold. Are there any lumps? Because the processing of fishy smell of some poorly crafted places will attract the flies to lay eggs.

Dry cheap snakehead fish in Ho Chi Minh City how much weight?

Dried fish snack delicious

Dried fish snack delicious

Once you know the dried  snakehead  fish is good then you should clear the place before buying.

Have you asked yourself: “At the market there are dry stalls and supermarkets see also sell, I should buy it?”. I went to survey many markets and ask how much fish? Mostly: the price is very cheap, dried fish is sold not covered carefully, the area is not sold food safety. Do not know if they handle chemicals? But if you notice a little bit, the dry place will not have flies, no ants and no dry mold.

What about the supermarket? Here, most supermarkets have selected suppliers according to certain criteria to ensure the safety of consumers. I bought the trial is quite salty but not delicious, do not know whether to use preservatives or not, which is limited to 12 months.

So, you should know before you buy: brand, reputation, how they pack, dry preservation, hygiene food safety, production process, customer perception as well as operation of the place of sale. .

Like myself a gourmet, I think you, too. Everyone wants to eat delicious, not only that you also want to give relatives, friends, colleagues to enjoy this dish. Therefore, you can buy dried  snakehead  fish in good reputable places, you will peace of mind about the quality of products, without fear of buying dried fish snails do not eat.


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