How much is 1kg dried abalone in Ho Chi Minh City

How much is 1kg dried abalone  in Ho Chi Minh City

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Dried abalone is a high-end seafood is usually the option to add a regal menu with meals. Abalone is one of the seafood in the “bowl” for the king to eat both delicious and nutritious effect.Abalone is delicious with many health effects such as hypothermia, gas, anti-depressant, kidney. Besides, it also has a positive effect on the eyes, strengthening the male’s vitality. Abalone combined with fish fins become a great abalone soup for the user.

Characteristics of dried abalone  we offer :

Photos dried abalone reality

Photos dried abalone reality

Dried Abalone is a rare type of seafood usually only appear in regal banquet. In feudal times, abalone is one of 8 dishes “treasure bowl” dedicated to the king of abalone is a block chua.Thit crunchy, fragrant delicious and very nutritious, is effective in increasing the gas, cooled , Kidney remedies, anti-depressant body. Besides, it also has eye toning effect, positive effect, enhancing the vitality of men. Abalone combined with shark fin soup become great tonic abalone shark fin.

Dried abalone large or small is calculated by how much the head. (1 weight = 600g) to say how many head abalone is one weight (dried abalone) How many children abalone, the head smaller the head as big, The more expensive the price, so there is a sentence “Thousands of gold difficult to buy abalone 2 heads.”
New or old abalone distinctions: When making the abalone produced called “new country” has left over 2 years “old country”. The new color is slightly pale, the abalone smell is not warm, the “Candy Heart” is not enough. Abalone “Candy Heart” refers to the abalone process in which the abalone meat produced chemically, reacts to the substance Candy Heart, the color is very beautiful smell sticky teeth. So the longer the 5 of the abalone, the better the quality, the more valuable.

Prestigious quality dried abalone in Ho Chi Minh City:

Some dish from dried ablone

Some dish from dried ablone

Currently on the market appeared many places selling fake abalone very cheaply desert. Ad is the abalone, but the fact that fake meat made screws. Customers should choose prestigious places, avoid buying fake goods, poor quality, affect health.

We are the most prestigious unit in Ho Chi Minh City to provide quality dried abalone like this.
* Specification: 0.5kg / bag vacuum packing. Very handy as gifts, take away abroad. Help dry abalone beautiful and well preserved longer need is very convenient

Price : Contact us!

Abalone is a high quality seafood that contains many nutrients for the body. Besides, the use of dried abalone help you retain complete looks fresh and nutrients in abalone that in addition to being a long shelf life, help you save a lot of costs. The longer you hesitate please hurry and quickly contact us for your hand-delivered in the shortest time. You only need to contact us according to the information we provide below to be able to order quickly and conveniently.Dried abalone is a rare commodity should therefore also be counterfeit lot. So you choose a reputable brand and have been kind to buy dried abalone family quality.


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