Sell ​​a sunny mackerel – How delicious, cheap mackerel Price

Sell ​​a sunny mackerel – How delicious, cheap mackerel Price

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Four types of tuna are the most business in our country are virtual mackerel, mackerel coming, Indo-Pacific king mackerel and saury. Seafood company Giau we also particularly interested in the genre. Ensuring the freshness of the fish, with the most advanced processing technology. Proud to be mackerel trading company a clean sun, and is taking steps to further improve themselves. For further information, please contact the hotline Giau offline.

Product information

– Depending on the type they have different shapes and nutrition, and their meaning is different in medicine. But they have common characteristics that are, themselves often long, oval, bright green and silver to black, with 2 hard and pursue close of the arrow.

– Source tuna caught each year in our country not only bring prosperity to the people of the sea. But also contribute to enrich the country when exported to neighboring countries.

– Mackerel mackerel primary processing into a sunny, requires a moderate sun is not too harsh as this will be coarse fish, lost a lot of nutrients. Mackerel chefs create a sunny skilled should also be able to create delicious dishes

– In addition to the primary processing of mackerel mackerel is a sun can take a large amount of oil from them, oil contains Omega-3 is good for the human body.

– If mackerel regularly appear in your daily menu will help you: have more energy, healthy eyes, bones. Women will reduce pain during menstruation. The elderly are offset many essential nutrients.

mackerel a cheap sun

mackerel a cheap sun

Seafood Price mackerel at Giau

Seafood company providing products Giau mackerel sunny with a price:

– Tuna with a sun: contact

Fish has been preliminarily processed, canned and vacuum immediately. Having preserved and used for quite some time.

mackerel which sells a sunny

mackerel which sells a sunny

Recipes Hot Tuna with a sun-fried chili garlic sauce

Mackerel processing many delicacies, fresh fish, fried fish with the usual way and put the sauce, you can change a little different would have fried fish dishes are exotic and attractive.

Asian. Material:

– 1 large slice of tuna

– 1 tablespoon flour

– Fish sauce, chilli, garlic, sugar and chili powder

– Cooking oil, served with cucumber.

  1. Making:

– Mackerel clean, keep up the drain basket, fish slices marinated in a half teaspoon of salt.

– Rolls the fish over fried flour to the cooking oil from being shot.

– Heat the pan, pour oil in fried goldfish are two-sided. Goldfish, fish out a plate lined with filter paper and vegetable oil.

– Garlic, chilli crushed, mix two tablespoons of fish sauce, two tablespoons of sugar, three tablespoons water, stirring to dissolve sugar, garlic and chilli were poured into the bowl of sauce crushed.

– Heat the oil, pour a bowl of fish sauce to the pan, cook for about 2 minutes until the mixture is slightly thick sauce, chili powder on you.

– Finally, for individuals, stirring, about 5 minutes sealed lid, absorbent to fish spices. Off the kitchen scoop out plates, served with cucumber and steamed rice.

Note: Mackerel washed, drained.

Mackerel rolled through flour.

Golden fried fish.

Pour garlic sauce to the pan and heat it.

Fish in sauce until spices infuse.

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