Dried anchovy – selling anchovy in HCM City

Dried anchovy – selling anchovy in HCM City

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Sell dried anchovy in Ho Chi Minh City. We specialize in selling dried anchovy dry delicious whole country with wholesale price. Dried anchovies made from fresh anchovies are caught in Nha Trang beach, dried in clean nets in the natural sunlight of the sun. Under such conditions, dry anchovy has the typical taste of salty sea, sweet smell of fresh fish. Dry anchovy is a lot of fancy customers, and exporters go abroad. Suitable for processing dishes, dishes or other delicious canned food such as anchovies, pepper, fried, rim ….

Nutrition Facts of Dried Anchovy:

dried anchovy is fresh, well-cooked

dried anchovy is fresh, well-cooked

Dry anchovies are a good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin and other minerals (calcium, iron, selenium, and other micronutrients). However, because canned fish contain high levels of salt and purine, people with high blood pressure and gout should not eat much (people with high blood pressure can consume fresh fish). People using isoniazid to prevent and treat tuberculosis should not use anchovy fish because of the interaction between drugs and fish.
Dry anchovy not marinated – clean head and intestines
We provide large quantities for units, export companies, small goods, sources of goods are always stable.
When there is demand for anchovy export you contact us under the information below: (direct buyers contact directly for a good price: D)

Delicious dishes from dried anchovy

dried anchovy is fresh, well-cooked

dried anchovy is fresh, well-cooked

Salty with the aroma of the galangal, spicy chili, each fish spice season, eat on cold weather with delicious hot rice.

– 30 g anchovies can be dried fish or fresh fish
– 1 galangal
Garlic, red chilli, chili powder, brown sugar, fish sauce, salt, dried onions.
Step 1:
Wash the fish with diluted salt water, drain the basket and drain, fish with a small spoon of salt for about 1 hour.

– If using dried anchovy, you wash over the water several times to clean and less salty, soak the fish in cold water for about 30 minutes, then pick out the drain.

Step 2:
– Rieng shaved skin, smooth, half a galangal you squeeze juice, the other half you use to store fish.

Step 3:
Add fish to the pot, add galangal, galangal, two tablespoons fish sauce, two tablespoons brown sugar, a small spoonful of salt, chili powder and chili pepper, dried onions into small islands, marinated about 1 -2 hours.

Step 4:
Then put the pot on the kitchen, occasionally use chopsticks lightly hand, small fire until the fish spice season, depending on your taste tasting. Turn off the kitchen, scraps dishes used for salty foods with rice.

The dry anchovy product that we offer is completely natural product, caught from the sea. Do not use any chemicals for processing. Food safety and hygenic.Dry anchovy is popular, can be processed into many delicious dishes such as dried anchovy sauteed chili peppers, dry anchovy bitter candy, sour anchovy dry fish, dried anchovy, sweet and sour anchovy …Our dried anchovy is fresh, well-cooked, and without bleach. So its color is very natural and white powdery side. (Usually, mass production must be cooked and whitened for hard fish, not broken). The base specializes in providing high quality dried anchovies

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