Dried Squid Special Type – Delicious Delicious Taste

Dried Squid Special Type – Delicious Delicious Taste

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You are referring to the price of dried squid in the market today how much 1kg to buy to make a gift or gift of meaning. Come to the Sunshine Specialties for the best dried squid at the most affordable prices.The price of dried squid in the market depends on the quality of squid and the time of year. The quality of dried squid has many forms such as low quality, popular form, high quality … Therefore, you should choose to buy dried squid at reputable establishments for quality to match the price. The best dried squid often mentioned is dried squid in Nha Trang and dried squid in Phu Quoc.The Sunshine Specialties are specialized in supplying Nha Trang premium dried squid and other nutritious specialties.

How to prepare delicious dishes from dried squid Nha Trang:

Dried Squid Special Type

Dried Squid Special Type

Deep-fried squid with fish sauce
– Dried squid, about 300g
Butter: 25g, lemon: 2 pieces, chilli: 1 fruit, onion: 1 bulb, onion, minced garlic, fish sauce, seasoning, sugar and cooking oil.

Here’s how it works:
– Dry the ink after cleaning, cut into pieces to eat, do not cut too large will be tough, soak in warm water for about 20 minutes for soft ink.
Put in a frying pan of hot, golden frying oil, then drain out to dry.
– Chili cut the seeds of yarn, chopped green onions, head cut cut.
– Non-fragrant chopped garlic with cooking oil, chili, onion, onion and fried onion. Then add the ink was drained, wedge fish sauce, wedge seeds, sugar to the food, toss the ink evenly penetrate the sauce, turn off the kitchen.
– For dried fish sauce fried squid sausage, dot with chili sauce, to serve as mushroom is great.
Stir long, spicy, spiced with spicy hot chili sauce, eat in the broth is not alone, only took a little time there was a delicious food can not resist.

The price of dried squid in the market today is how much 1kg

2) Dried cuttlefish:

This is a favorite of many people, especially when traveling with friends on weekends or holidays. The way to do is simple. You can bake dried squid on charcoal fire, on alcohol or on gas stove, but it is best on alcohol. Here is how to bake the ink on alcohol.

– Dried squid and alcohol 90 degrees

– Separation of body and ink beard.
– Put the squid in the old pan.
– Alcohol amount just right on the ink, flip over to re-squirt the ink in 1-2 minutes to let the ink absorb the alcohol.
Use the chopsticks in the pan and use the chopsticks to flip over the squid until the ink curves and the alcohol burns out.
– Pack the ink into the newspaper, use a light pestle to soft and fragrant ink. Tear the squid into small pieces, served with chili sauce.

A few notes with dry squid

Dried Squid Special Type

Dried Squid Special Type

The ink time and baking time is only 3-5 minutes depending on the large or small.
– The amount of alcohol baked ink should be moderate if the ink will burn, eat bitter.
– To keep your beard ripe and not burned, you should bake the ink beads separately.
– Remember to add sugar to the chili sauce and stir well, when ink dots will be more delicious.

So you know how to refer to dried squid in the market today how much, but hesitate to call us immediately to know the price of dry Nha Trang and get the best dried squid , To be with friends or as gifts for relatives, colleagues, customers.


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