Dry Snakehead fish for you – Commitment Ca Mau 100%

Dry  Snakehead fish for you – Commitment Ca Mau 100%

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Dry Snakehead Fish is made from fresh fish source and combined with pure salt. The dried snakehead fish after completion is guaranteed from the external affection and taste of dried snakehead fish. Dry fish snack delicious fish meat feeling firm, not hitting, not white mold.

Dry Clean Eating Medium snakehead .

Dry Snakehead Price

Dry Snakehead Price

As society progresses, life improves and the demand for it is improved. Therefore, clean and safe food for consumers becomes a criterion of consumers’ interest.
Dry snakehead fish is one of the Southern specialties, used to make a lot of delicious dishes, gifts, overseas Vietnamese people to buy. However, it is difficult for consumers to find the right quality dried snakehead. Dried fish is delicious to be processed according to a process that the person must have their own secret, must have a new age can give out the fish in good taste. Dried clean salted fish must meet the criteria:
Dried fish snake delicious
– Dry fish, sweet, delicious
– Use live fish for processing
– Do not use additives, chemicals.

Drying method of dried  Snakehead salted fish

 dried  Snakehead salted fish

dried Snakehead salted fish

Unlike you often see some places to sell dried snake that fly directly to the product is very unhygienic, dry cracked fish at chodokho.com is packaged and vacuumed very clean and professional to avoid. From air and insects you can also put into the storage coolers without fear of rending the smell of food. Our dried-salted fish have something special in common with the common type?
The type of fish used is Fresh fish.Metal saltNatural saltsCalcium (<5% salt) Saltwater.VST certification certificate
Do not have
Chemicals / banned drugs
Commit not
Drugs fly, preservatives
Vacuum press
No packing
Cooler with lid
Environmental exposure, insects
Conclusion Clean and safe, not clean, unsafe
With the characteristics mentioned above, our dried snakeheads are very popular with our customers and they are sold to foreigners, especially those who prefer the Northern market. more charming.
These delicious dishes are made from dried snakehead fish

Dried grilled fish snack

Dry snake fried fish sugar
Dried fish roasted fire garlic
Dried fish and sweet and sour rim
Salad of dried mango fish snake
Dried fish snake pineapple store
Dry fish fillet cooked sour soup
Salad where dry fish snake

Every afternoon Sai Gon traffic jam, come home more than 6 pm. At this time, just take dried fish snake fry or fry, cook more soup and boiled vegetables also have a quick meal. Simple to eat so you feel better, do not believe you try it. Almost all types of dried fish are salty and not everyone is suited to such salty, but Dry Snack Nia fish marinated very well as your daily food. When you fry, can be eaten naturally to feel the sweetness of dried fish snake pieces, if you need a bit more flavor can add a little sauce or chili sauce. Many customers are anxious to buy dried fried fish marinated fried sugar will easily burn. You peace of mind, dry fish snake Dry nia do not marinate so you do not fire fried nhé, you note fried fire and turned on both sides to dry evenly cooked and color better.



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