Fresh octopus – Specializing in selling fresh octopus across the country

Fresh octopus – Specializing in selling fresh octopus across the country


We specialize in selling fresh octopus play and go nationwide with wholesale and retail prices.

Octopus also known as squid boss, is quite familiar dishes of the people of the sea, can be made into delicious dishes, is widely favored as: grilled satay, steamed ginger salad … The food this tasty, simple and easy to prepare.

Specification: Item usually fresh in the morning. From the afternoon, the restaurant will move to fresh frozen to ensure freshness. Goods shipped to places where cows live (a good living from 5-7 days if well cared for). Having cleaned octopus for the customer if required.

Small Octopus: 0.5-1 ounces / child price 95 000 / kg (fried seafood)

Octopus medium: 2.5 to 9 ounces / child price 105 000 / kg (for grilling is best)

– Large Octopus: 1- 6 kg / head (ink jar) Price 125 000 / kg (for Banquet, Restaurants, ..)

– Octopuses live: 18-30 / kg price of 490k / kg depending on the day (eaten raw, dipped in batches, dip vinegar, ..)


Call for advice and Order

Phone number: 0913433587 (Mr. Thanh) / 0903732293 (Ms. Hien)

Branch 2: No. 80/28, Road 9, Block 5, P Hiep Binh Phuoc, Thu Duc Q, Ho Chi Minh City

Note: octopus floating in the marketplace and some sales areas prone to brine all day (octopus will be rotten) to gain weight, to increase illicit profits, levied on customers cheap ham, meat quite friable and salty. We are committed to selling fresh produce, quality, not soaked, no chemical preservatives.


bach tuot

bach tuot

Just delicious octopus meat while freshness, rub with salt, then rub over lemons (thinly sliced ​​lemon in shell) to clean. Then you wash several times over the water, drain, then cut short to taste and bring processed into your favorite dishes.

1) Octopus grilled satay

Satay grilled octopus is very tasty dish, tasty, fragrant, familiar dish of sea coast. Grilled octopus dish drinking is quite common in HCM City land.


After cleaning the octopus with salt and chopped 1 small ginger sex drain you then proceed to marinated spiced.

Octopus cleaning, rinse the salt water.

½ jar of marinated octopus with satay, 2 teaspoons of honey for 30 minutes to spice absorbed.

Then octopus grilled on charcoal will fragrant and tastier.

Served with banana, star fruit, laksa leaves and lemon pepper salt dots

We are reputable company in the market

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