Making a pot of salty sweet poached dry shrimp tasty, delicious to enjoy

Making a pot of salty sweet poached dry shrimp tasty, delicious to enjoy

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Ca Mau dry land shrimp is the best dried shrimps, dried shrimps with easy-to-process characteristics, sweet, crunchy, attractive and rich in nutrients, have become an indispensable raw material for processing. A lot of different delicious dishes.The dried shrimp contain lots of good nutrients for the development of the child such as potassium, magnesium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, iodine. In shrimp with very high protein content, the top products have the highest protein content, so dried shrimp is a nutrient-rich dish. In addition, in the composition of shrimp contains more calcium, it is good for children to help children healthy and good for people with osteoporosis, older people.

Dried shrimp scallion

Dried shrimp scallion

Dried shrimp scallion


– Shrimp: 150 gr

– Carrot: 200 gr

– Northern flowers: 2-3 fruits

This dish does not require much processing because the available ingredients should be very simple, when receiving customers just take a moment to have a very good sip.

How to do the following

Shrimp do the same as above, then we continue to soak the shrimp with sugar vinegar soak the tubers until tender to remove the dried.

Prehistoric eggs remove the husks, then boil them and cut them into pieces

In the end we put the material to make it beautiful, attractive so that the finished dried shrimp and tubers then nhé!
The dry shrimps with dry herbs – a new but fascinating dish
Shrimp is sour, sour, spicy, sweet and special, especially with the taste of dried shrimps, which is an ideal target for men. And if you have never enjoyed this great food, you should quickly hand in household goods right away, sure members of your family, especially the commune will be addicted to this very much!

Dried shrimp salad

dried shrimp are extremely simple

dried shrimp are extremely simple


– 4 green toads

– 1 spoonful of fish sauce

– 1 tablespoon sugar

– 50 gr shrimp

– Vegetables, chili powder, sugar, garlic, salt

Roasted meat, roasted peanuts

How to do the following
Duck salad is very suitable for making dishes or appetizers
First: peel the toad, rinse then thinly sliced ​​and soaked in ice to a brittle crunch to eat more delicious …

Next, remove the peeled shrimps (for shell-on shrimp) or the peeled shrimps, soak them for 10-15 minutes to soften the shrimp.

We catch the pan on the stove for hot, to eat shrimp, stir-fried, wedge seasoning to add shrimp to cool, let cool, then pound shrimp for slightly stamping.

Water mix salad tasty fish sauce, chopped garlic, chili powder, sugar, filtered water, then mix well.

Mix the tofu after draining with prawns, rub cotton, then let the fish sauce mix gradually, until the shrimp is ready to eat. Light!

– dried mango salad


– 2 green mango

– Shrimp: 50gr

– Laksa leaves

– Basil

– Yellow peanuts

– Delicious salted fish, minced garlic, chili, paprika, sugar …

How to make dried mango salad shrimp
The only way to make shrimp salad is dry green mango, so the fiber will taste better

These dishes are better when eaten with shrimp puff pastry!

In addition, we also have a salad of dried shrimp is very attractive too.

Dried shrimp is a very nutritious food, if you know how to make them, it will bring more nutrients. In fact, it is common to see dried shrimp appear in the folk food of the Vietnamese or family reunion meals. Perhaps so every family would like to leave a little dried shrimp in the house has long failed and can prepare the delicious dishes from dried shrimp. But not everyone knows dry shrimps combine with those that will bring the highest nutritional value while retaining the flavor of dried shrimp. Today we will go through some of the familiar dishes combined with dried shrimp, both easy to remake and bold unforgettable.

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