Making a pot of delicious chili garlic dry anchovy warehouse simplest Vietnam

Making a pot of delicious chili garlic dry anchovy warehouse simplest Vietnam

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Garlic chilli dry anchovy warehouse is rustic dishes simple but delicious but extremely attractive and suitable for dinner or in the cool days. In fish dishes, anchovies are also very attractive. How to cook anchovy is also easy to do, please follow the anchovy guide chili sauce below. It can be said that fish is a traditional dish. For the delta, they usually store catfish or banana fish and anchovies are the specialty of the sea. If you enjoy this fish once you will surely remember its flavor forever. The anchovies you can chili pepper with pepper or pepper are also.

How to make salmon fillet with chili garlic dry anchovy

garlic dry anchovy

garlic dry anchovy

The fish you buy is washed thoroughly and then drained and then you marinate with a little salt to do so in about 25 to 30 minutes is okay.

Then you put the pan on the stove and heat the oil in the pan to boil oil, then fry theĀ dry anchovy crispy yellow gold, then you pick out the basket to drain oil. To cook your delicious fish dish is good, you should only fry gold, so it is not too hot to cook when you are not good at it.

Ginger you clean the shell washed and pounded and filtered water and then take a bowl of boiling water for ginger juice with a little chili powder, honey and satay.

Then you put the pot on the stove and put in a little oil to heat oil cooking oil, fish and water mixture on the island to fish for spicy sauce. You boil the fire to lom the burdock to store the spicy salmon fish until the water is less then a little sugar and fish sauce and remember that your fish will not be covered up to the fish not to catch fish offline.

When you see the water is exhausted, then you turn off the stove and add a little sesame oil and sesame to the way the fish caviar delicious.

I’m sure the scent of fish will fascinate you. So you have done the dried anchovy delicious pepper fish then.

Wish you success this dish offline.

Grilled dry anchovies with Peanut Sauce

roasted anchovy sweet and sour

roasted anchovy sweet and sour

Dry anchovies of sweet and spicy sauce add a little bit of peanut butter to eat will be very delicious rice.


– 50g peanuts

– 100g dried anchovies

– Cooking oil

Fresh chilli, sugar, salt, garlic

– a little sour powder

3 simple dried fish dishes that drift rice 1


– Since the anchovies are made to be slightly salty, so before you should soak in rice water for about 5 minutes and then removed to dry.

– Add to the frying pan add the oil to eat crispy crispy nine and then pick out to drain oil. Fresh garlic, garlic, spices in a small mortar and finely pounded to bowl. Then use another bowl mixed with tamarind juice, filtered water, sugar and stir until melted.

– Put the mixture of garlic and chilli paste into the pan to stir evenly, when you see the smell of pour the mixture of tamarind into the water until the paste.

– Roast and anchovies, lightly flush and stir. Island for 3 to 5 minutes when everything is intertwined.

– Spicy fried anchovy with roasted peanuts is very delicious and sweet, has a sweet spicy taste, served with white rice is the best.

Dry anchovy is a popular dish enjoyed by many people. If you do well, it will become salty food with rice extremely mouthful of cold days. Please refer to 4 recipes for this dish!

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