Sale buys quality dried abalone, buy abalone, food nutrition

Sale buys quality dried abalone, buy abalone, food nutrition

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Abalone is gradually prevailing dry in Vietnam over the market. But to find a place to buy quality dried abalone reputation is not easy. We would like to send you a reputation can select abalone hcm city supplying dried abalone because this is a company in the field of marine products have been granted business licenses and certificates is basis to ensure food safety and hygiene.

Information dried abalone our specialized export quality dried abalone

This is one of the rare seafoods and high economic value. We only used in ancient times kings. They usually live in the seas and islands with rocks. As a child clings closer to shore, the larger the more they move further and further out at sea reefs. To catch abalone to, to dive deep into the sea, separating them from the rocks.

providing dried abalone

providing dried abalone

Abalone prices we offer, the cheapest market

Our company is a reputable company and get more customers trusted nationwide seafood products because this is a place that sells seafood with a clear origin and quality assurance. You can rest assured when using our products from quality to price. You can choose the product quality reputation, as a gift to friends and relatives, can do more for the food processing is also very special.

Dried abalone selling price: contact

Specification: Dried abalone canned 500 g / box.

dried abalone good price

dried abalone good price

Dried abalone porridge way

Abalone porridge dish is usually prepared for beginners and children have been sick because it contains a lot of nutrients.

Raw abalone porridge

  • Sticky rice: 60 g
  • Glutinous rice: 200 g
  • Dried abalone: ​​50 g
  • Straw mushrooms: 60 g
  • Water bone tunnel: 100 ml
  • Salted duck eggs: 1 result
  • Ship Hare, executive
  • Spices, oil, pepper, paprika
  •  Raw abalone porridge
  • Raw abalone porridge

Instructions abalone porridge

After preparing raw materials and embarked on taking steps abalone porridge as follows:

Step 1: Soak rice and glutinous rice overnight then picked drained. Then pour the rice into the pot of stew bones boiled water for 15 minutes to overnight for cooked rice.

Step 2: Continue to implement abalone porridge cooking delicious, nutritious:

Steamed abalone meat and stir-fried and then split through the non-aromatic oils. (If using dried abalone you washed, soaked in warm water for 20 minutes, then steamed until soft, then remove from the heat abalone.)

Step 3: straw mushrooms washed, left leg, chopped.

Coriander vessel and washed finely chopped onion to the bowl aside.

Boiled salted duck eggs and separate the yolks. Then grilled, fried with vegetable oil to form a smooth mixture match.

Step 4: North pot of soup on the stove and add flavor and spice to taste the mushrooms and stir well. When boiling porridge boiled abalone, ladle soup into bowls sprinkled onto egg mixture distilled salt, sprinkle with onion, smelly boat, pepper, paprika and enjoy is finished abalone porridge.

Requirements abalone porridge taste

  •  Enjoy abalone porridge
  • Porridge cooked
  • Attractive fragrant spices and all kinds of herbs.
  • Abalone meat tasty and attractive. Enjoy the hot dishes are great.

Dried abalone becoming popular dish of Vietnam. To choose where to buy abalone is not easy but you buy them and then the processing is no less important. Dried abalone is used as the abalone porridge, baked stew, soup abalone, grilled abalone, abalone stew vegetables, are brought to taste delicious and nutritious to eat. Listen very attractive please pick up the phone to contact us immediately any


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