Where herring buy cheap dry. Dried herring selection with the best market prices

Where herring buy cheap dry. Dried herring selection with the best market prices

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Dried herring currently đàg is many food choices of the housewives are taking. We understand and have sold the product dried herring with the best price in the market. Have you tried browsing through our products to see what’s new and usually see dried sea was used to prepare many delicious dishes and exotic like anchovies with pepper, chilli warehouse, salad …

How to prepare tasty dishes from fish extract for your family?

Delicious dried herring
Delicious dried herring

You like to eat grilled dried fish to lai on conditioning rai? Dried herring equally delicious grilled fish.Dry the sweet salty taste herring va spicy dried fish, as do get drunk for my husband not immaculately. Raw materials and how extremely simple and not time-consuming for people who are always busy, just spend some time processing that you had just a delicious grilled fish dishes are appealing to treat the whole family to enjoy at the dinner and then, rich brought rice soon, the rice cooker will quickly sold for home viewing. With the way this House at gỉản menu, hope you can easily make to both enjoy, make sure everyone will enjoy, this dish will be very suitable for the “improvement” of the family. More delicious dishes for a delicious, people will undoubtedly be her sister’s happiness. This will be a decision of the perfect housewife when adding dried fish bake this into the family’s daily menu to make the meal becomes more abundant. Thus, in order to stimulate the taste and the “appetite” of the whole family, you make the make sure are, his dexterity by embarking on exotic food processing, appealing to family meals get novelty necessary call at all.During “high rice of rice less”, the current escalation, ingenuity of housewives will be expressed through the know how to twist the simple food, available into the fragrant, delicious dishes for the whole family to enjoy.

Raw material preparation:
-500 g herring
-1.5 tbsp sugar
-1/2 tablespoon salt
-1 tablespoon minced chili kind of purchase available
The steps taken:
Step 1:
Fish bought about cleaning remove the top split bone removal.
Step 2:
For out of the basket to drain and marinated with spices for permeability (to the night)
Step 3:
Fish for drying adapter onto the absorbent. About 2 or 3 hours to fish or small options. If no dryer then basking in the sunshine.
Step 4:
If you can carefully lined 1 sheet paper up blisters of air drying, paper should cut a few small holes.

Dried herring purchase price is how many, need to buy 1 kg how much spending money

Delicious dishes from dried herring
Delicious dishes from dried herring

You can rest assured when using our products from quality to price. You can choose the product quality reputation, as a gift to friends and relatives, can do more for the food processing and our very special Trade Co., Ltd. Travel Services Supplying calendar Giau abalone prices in HCM quality reputation. Our company in selecting perennial dry Herring. Products stored in a freezer kept for 12 months.

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Dry the sweet and salty taste herring cay as dry fish, eating fatty meats and much more aromatic.With simple processing procedures, from the relatively inexpensive food and helps you save significant time for cooking but still gives the whole family sized dishes delicious exotic medium.

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