Specializing in distribution of clean delicious dried shrimp

Specializing in distribution of clean delicious dried shrimp

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   Dry shrimp food has always been much loved. From dried shrimp, you can process a lot of interesting dishes such as salad, fried, tomato sauce or soup rich aroma. To be dried shrimp processing stages to go through as clean boiled shrimp and place in about 10 minutes, then take out, bring out the sun from 2 to 3 days and then peeled shrimp. The use of this step by hand and requires a hard, meticulous.

Distinguish natural dried shrimp and shrimp soaked

dried shrimp at Ho Chi Minh city

Dried shrimp at Ho Chi Minh city

Average to get 1kg of dried shrimp cakes will take about 10-11kg. Therefore, dried shrimp is ranked as one of the luxury goods, high cost. Because there are so many high-cost commercial space was soaked cheap chemicals to accelerate the process of creating color and eye-catching colors to increase shrimp sold in the market then redeem benefits. Hazardous than rotten shrimp, dead shrimp were even “transformed” into a delicious dried. For example, shrimp soaked with bright colors, more vivid natural fresh shrimp. If soaked in water once soaked shrimp will fade into the water bowl. Dried shrimp that marinated color chemicals, increased toughness and long-term preservation, but they seriously affect the health of consumers. When eating shrimp can cause digestive disorders, stomach ulcers, colitis …

To avoid these hazards, when buying dried shrimp, consumers can distinguish natural dried shrimp and dried shrimp that laced with the chemical characteristics below.

Of color

Soaked dried shrimp will have colorful, brighter. Shrimp can be colored red, orange all over the body. In contrast, natural dried shrimps have poor eye-catching color and should be pink in the tail shrimp, shrimp abdomen whitish tusks, parts of shrimp gut spine still black.


Standards of quality dried shrimp shrimp catch from the sea. Blood shrimp and prawns are two types of silver used as dried shrimp. This shrimp is usually smaller size wand. Consumers should avoid purchasing larger shrimp wand by which the majority of shrimp or shrimp is selected (marine life – this type of sand), or shrimp are soaked to expand to chemicals.

Experiment to identify

A very simple way can be applied to easily identify natural dried shrimp and prawns are soaked shrimp soaked in water. Natural dried shrimp are soaked when water will swell but water remains clear. Conversely, shrimp soaked soaked after a while will be fading out the water bowl.

The second way is applicable as soon as the call option is the tasting shrimp. At first this did not seem to hear how good you are at risk by eating soaked shrimp, crawfish, but just try 1 will not affect anything. If you do not try, the more likely you will eat shrimp seasoned with large quantities of chemicals. Natural dried shrimp tasted the sweetness will have the same characteristic aroma, hard lobster meat. Meanwhile, if the shrimp soaked no natural taste of shrimp affected by more or less chemical odor.


Prices, please contact

dried shrimp at Ho Chi Minh city

Dried shrimp at Ho Chi Minh city

By dry shrimp processing stages are very hard and meticulous, plus fresh shrimp 10-11kg 1kg dried shrimp produced foods so this is very expensive. Consumers should not choose dried shrimp priced too cheap. These categories range from 300000-400000 shrimps / kg would not be of good quality shrimp.

Just with simple steps such recognition, we can be assured to find yourself kind of delicious shrimp with guaranteed quality.


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