Nha Trang Dried Squid – How much does Nha Trang Dried Squid 1kg

Nha Trang Dried Squid – How much does Nha Trang Dried Squid 1kg

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You are referring to the price of dried squid in the market today how much 1kg to buy to make a gift or gift of meaning. Come to the Sunshine Specialties for the best dried squid at the most affordable prices.The price of dried squid in the market depends on the quality of squid and the time of year. The quality of dried squid has many forms such as low quality, popular form, high quality … Therefore, you should choose to buy dried squid at reputable establishments for quality to match the price. The best dried squid often mentioned is dried squid in Nha Trang and dried squid in Phu Quoc.

How are dried squid tips identified?

Delicious dried squid

Delicious dried squid

Dried squid is made from rubber and synthetic flavoring. These counterfeit ink have a real perfume smell to deceive the buyer’s sense of sight and smell. But when you bake up, you will notice that the difference is that instead of the characteristic flavor of the ink, it has a polky smell, and the fake ink is very easy to burn (because I’m baking rubber: D).
When you squeeze dry hands with your hands, you will notice that they are stretched, with a high elasticity from the rubber here, the ink will be as elastic as the elastic band.
Cuttlefish without ribs in the back like dry squid. The meat is flat and very smooth, with no inkiness.

The counterfeit toner, when soaked in water for about 10 minutes, reveals a thin slice of the rubber when the outer powder is dissolved, the ink is pale and faded.

Do not buy torn ink because this is the most common toner cartridge fake ink. Only buy reputable ink sellers.

Cuttlefish is very flammable, smelly burned

Dry ink preservation tips

If there is a cold, then you should cover the ink and then put in the cabinet, preservation at -180 C. If outside, wrap it and leave in a cool place, avoid wet or too sunny.

Do not keep stock for more than 4 months. When you leave the ink for a long time you should bring the ink out to dry frequently. In 3-4 weeks, take out to dry for 10-15 minutes in the sun.

Absolutely do not pack dried preserved squid with any other food.

Features quality dried squid

Delicious dried squid

Delicious dried squid

Dried squid ingredients: 291 calories, 32.6g of water, 60.1g of protein, 4.5g of fat, 2.5g of powdered sugar, 0g of fiber. In squid contains some very precious minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, selenium … and also male hormone testosterone.
A dry or dried squid ink ensures quality, delicious when meet the following requirements.
On ink color: Dried squid is dried in the fresh will have white belly, natural pale pink back and dark spots are true to the skin of the ink, smelly or sticky wet hands. Dried onion is good when baked up, torn meat inside also pinkish and flexible, tough, not ragged. If it is white, it is easy to dry.

The squid caught on the shore have been dried, there will be white powder coating on the surface of the body. The freshest squid is the thicker the powder. Therefore, when you choose the ink with white coat, please rest assured that this is the best dried squid.


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