Specializing in providing premium dried anchovies

Specializing in providing premium dried anchovies

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To talk about any kind of dried fish Vietnam’s most famous disaster is very difficult, but it comes to delicious dry type and quality assurance, no one does not think of dried anchovies – a dry kind is common in the coastal provinces.

Methods process dried anchovy



Anchovies are mainly fish live in salt water (with some live in fresh or brackish water), small size (maximum length is 50cm, but popularity is 15cm). Swarming and eat plankton, distribution worldwide.

From March to August every year, the coastal provinces back into the harvest and processing of anchovies. Anchovy fishing in the end is for viscous brine, then washed and steamed in the oven for about 5-10 minutes prior to exposure. Anchovy is exposed to the sun for 4-5 hours, then was picked up, remove trash fish weighed and boxed before.

Dried anchovy dishes

Dried anchovies cooked with honey:



Materials include:100 grams of dried anchovies Small, two tablespoons brown sugar, two  tablespoons honey,
chili powder or fresh chilli, three tablespoons fish sauce, cooking oil, garlic.

Method: Dried anchovy water briefly soak 15 minutes. then rinse thoroughly. Headless pelagic picked up on. Dry. Chilli crushed garlic. Hoa sauce with chilli honey and garlic. Preheat the pan, for about 2-3 tablespoons of hot oil on the fish then roasted for all, followed by the 2 tablespoons of sugar to continue to fish soaked island road. When you see a little discoloration wing fish cockroaches for chili garlic sauce and continue to simmer until rim drained. Body colored fish, and the color is off cockroaches. Cold waiting for the bowl to use.

Dry salting anchovies



Ingredients: 200 g dried milk anchovies, two  tablespoons fish sauce, two  tablespoons sugar, one tablespoon dried peppers, Onions, Garlic

Method: Anchovies soaked with warm water, rinsed, drained salvaged. For fish sauce, sugar and pepper in a bowl until dissolved. Preheat pan with little oil and garlic until fragrant astronauts, fish finished stirring the mixture for sauce with sauteed sugar on low heat, constantly fishing for fish island spices permeability. This type of anchovy dish served with rice or white rice porridge were delicious.

Green mango salad with sweet and sour dried anchovy



Ingredients: 2 green mangoes, 1 box of dried anchovy, fish sauce, boiled water, sugar, chili, gallic

method:Diced mango into yarn, peel the garlic and chilli, Crushed  along with three teaspoons of sugar , five teaspoons fish sauce and stir well, Add one small boiled water works to faint taste of fish sauce, Mix the dried fish (depending on dosage) in mango sauce and freshly brewed! Eat with hot rice!

in addition, there are many different ways to cook with dried anchovies, depending on your creativity. We can stir fry, cooked with vegetables or mixed with fruit salad or cheese or doing outdoor barbecue.

dried anchovy – an indispensable dish in Vietnam as well as expatriates living around the world. It carries the traditions of the people of Vietnam, brought an unmistakably unique to be. Dried anchovy can be preserved should bring a gift often courtesy expatriates.


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