Sell mackerel a sunny – good food

Sell mackerel a sunny – good food

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In a variety of marine fish species, then perhaps mackerel are the most widely known, not only because of good quality but also because of the excellent high protein in their meat. But there is a downside mackerel massive storage that is difficult, if not have the knowledge preserved mackerel will prepare very damaging its meat.

Why do a sunny mackerel?

Dished from sunny mackerel

Dished from sunny mackerel

In 3 this way, prohibits the use of Urea you to preserve mackerel. This will produce very toxic substances and directly affect human health. So I’ll just guiding mackerel siblings doing a standard sun (which is how one’s work to do seafood supplier or the grocery store and clean).

Actually, it is also delicious eaten fresh mackerel superb I got you, but when you expose a sunny mackerel also bring many surprises, fish more fragrant and distinctive flavor, while fresh meat, chewy pieces, bring mackerel cooked in tomato sauce are delicious unmatched.
Phú Quốc fishermen usually have two ways to do a sunny mackerel. One is that they leave the child, forcing tail hanging up the mast until fish drained, the car’s skin is. This method applies only to the long sea voyage, they do dissipated only, but uneven quality, perishable meats.
✔ Option 2 is cut into frozen mackerel thick 1-1,5cm then exposed to the sun until the pieces of fish hunting, the pollen emergence is. Drying and storage of this type of medium are quality, is easy to packing, preservation and thrown into the freezer may eat all year. Recommended for Mackerel Mackerel Mackerel is a sunny Phu Quoc question, because this is the type of fish caught by the inshore and processing during the day
✔ Mackerel after cleaning, use a clean towel to wipe the past, if too dirty to wash the salt water phase rather prohibited from using fresh water, because fish are extremely fishy. Then cut off the heads, leaving the tail, the body brought about 1-1,5cm sized cut the little finger is burned
Mackerel preserved a sunny
How mackerel a sunny nor too hard and how well preserved it’s easy, just put in the freezer is that you absolutely can guarantee quality 99% 6-8 months. Make a season, eat whole year too has not it <3

Mackerel processing a sunny
You can make delicious dishes from ti billion mackerel a sunny eg mackerel in tomato sauce, chili garlic sauce with revenues fried, simmered mackerel me, mackerel braised … but before processing you should soak in warm water or rice water around 30p just to defrost, just to discharge salty food helps a lot more frugal.

Price of mackerel in the market?

Price of a sunny mackerel

Price of a sunny mackerel

Specification: a sunny mackerel, vacuum molding, cold storage

Price of sunny Mackerel: Contact Us

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