Specializing in selling shrimp Dried Place provides trusted quality, where to buy

Specializing in selling shrimp Dried Place provides trusted quality, where to buy

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Along with the needs of increasingly diverse customers, currently the professional units offer dried shrimp in Vietnam, we always try to offer the best, most delicious dishes that remain for the customer. The highlight is our product quality dried shrimp are always sure about the humidity as well as natural drying.

Use dried shrimp delicious, quality,interesting:

dried shrimp good
dried shrimp good

Indonesian cuisine, dried shrimp in known as Ebi, Ebi is an important part of Indonesian and Chinese cuisine as well as dishes of Palembang, it is used in fried sautéed vegetable dishes of Chinese Indonesians, such as fried white cabbage with dried shrimp. In Palembang, dried shrimp are boiled, fried, and stamping dam flavour when fried fish cake.
In Chinese cuisine is very wide, dried shrimp are used every day for sweet taste and originality of the dish. Dried shrimp are also used in the soup and it was also featured in the cuisine of Guangdong people, especially in a number of dishes such as his book and book of the noodle. Dried shrimp are also used in Korean cuisine, especially this dish is called “mareunsaeu bokkeum” in Korea.

Dried shrimp are used in culinary history in Vietnam, and is used in the soup, soup, porridge, fried rice, Fried Noodles or dishes or salty. It is also commonly eaten as snacks or junk food.

There are also popular in India, Africa, mexico, braxil and the United States.

Beans stir-fried dried shrimp sticks
-Que Beans (or beans): 1/2 Kg
-Dried Shrimp: 40gram.
-Green onions and minced garlic.
-Spices: pepper, seasoning, sugar, soy sauce.
-Rod chopped long Beans bought on by the little finger, wash, soak the salted water about 5 minutes remove to drain.
-Dried Shrimp soaked in water for about 5-10 minutes for the software. Picked out the drain.
-Use the Pan North up the oil on the stove for hot standby. Continue to the garlic and dried shrimp in Africa for adding little yellow aromatic salt on.
-Then continue to stir-fry, stir sticks beans for about 5 minutes until beans green switch rods and then start flavoring to taste (about 1 tablespoon seasoning, 1/4 tablespoon sugar, less soy) stir the fire.
-Scoop the beans fried platters, sprinkle out already sticks less pepper and green onions up for beautiful eyes. Used when warm will more delicious!

Sale price how much dried shrimps 1 kg:

how much dried shrimp prestige in Vietnam
how much dried shrimp prestige in Vietnam

Price: Contact.
We believe that the quality of the product will make you satisfied customers, offering delicious family meals

You need to buy dried shrimp please contact us for assistance and free advice to get the best rate applies. With the method is extremely simple to order, call to one of the two seafood hotline telephone number and ordered Mr. Rich. We are committed to ensuring the quality of delivery, the right time and take place according to the needs of the customers.

Note: If the client wants to check the shrimp well or not guaranteed quality:Shrimp coated in chemicals which have bright, colourful natural fresh shrimp. If soaked for a while chemical laced shrimp color will fade out the bowl of water.

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