Where sells delicious milk dried anchovy

Where sells delicious milk dried anchovy

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Had you ever wanted to enjoy dishes made from dried seafood yet? And dried seafood is the best? Those are two of the many frequently asked questions. And that answer is milk dried anchovy – a great specialty of the coastal people.

Basic characteristics of milk dried anchovies


Anchovy is a small fish, slender, long only between 3-4 cm a child, preferred to live in the salty waters. Dried anchovies are prepared with fresh anchovies caught in Nha Trang, dried on a clean piece of mesh under natural sunlight of the sun.

Milk anchovies can say is healthy and delicious food to popular children also enjoy. Anchovy is small, but it contains many nutrients essential for our body as protein, vitamins and minerals, … Milk dried anchovies canned that should contain salt intake and high in purines should people with high blood pressure should not take much but can still use fresh anchovies. Milk dried anchovy meat tasty, salty taste salty waters, kids also love to eat. People drinking are extremely excited about this dish because its flavor is extremely tasty, suitable to drink beer.

Not fussy, just prepare something extremely simple ingredients, you can make up the food processed from milk dried anchovies are extremely delicious and tasty sea. Can mention the very special dishes such as sweet and sour roasted anchovies, anchovy sauce soaked fried, spicy fried anchovies, anchovy minced garlic, fried dried anchovies, dried anchovy spicy sauce, fish dry rice cook with galangal, …. Listen to the name alone that we’ve wanted to taste it now!

Some typical dishes when cooking with milk dried anchovies

*Sweet and sour milk fried anchovies


Materials include: – 200 g anchovies dry milk
– two tablespoons fish sauce
– two tablespoons sugar
– one tablespoon dried chili
– Onions, garlic, minced

Cooking methods:

– Anchovies soaked with warm water, rinsed, drained salvaged.

– For fish sauce  + sugar + pepper in a bowl until dissolved.

– Heat the pan with a little oil and garlic until fragrant astronauts, fish finished stirring the mixture for sauce with sauteed sugar on low heat, constantly fishing for fish island spices permeability.

– This type warehouses anchovy dish served with rice or white rice porridge were delicious.

* Milk dried anchovy cook with pepper


Materials include: 200 – 300g milk dried anchovy, chili, cooking oil, fish sauce, sugar, seasoning, water color.

Cooking methods: Anchovies washed gently thawed and let drain. Prepare the soil for up kitchen bowl, waiting for hot and poured cooking oil on the island anchovies gently. Braised fish spices, paprika, sugar, fish sauce, seasoning, just enough water into the pot color. Add half a cup of water and put the small fire until the shallow repository. Sometimes gentle island to fish under the pot from the fire, turn off the stove is finished.You should pay attention to avoid burnt fish. This fish dishes to eat in bold mouth fragrant aroma, tastes change effectively.

Anchovies can say milk is healthy and delicious food for kids to eat well. That a bit stiff and salty food is very tasty but plain porridge eaten with rice dry storage is also delicious. And the price can not be any cheaper and better quality assurance.


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