delicious dried anchovy and quality assurance

delicious dried anchovy and quality assurance

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Compared with other fish, anchovies is kind of small but rich in nutrients for good health. For example, if you eat tuna, although very good, but only edible portion of fish lean only (bone minerals, vitamins minerals located in the liver … but do not eat). Eat beef, too, remains in the bone minerals, vitamins in the liver, gelatin located in cowhide … So lean fish, beef is not food at all, not with anchovies nutritious.

dried anchovy characteristic



Dried anchovies are prepared with fresh anchovies caught in the brackish waters, dried on a clean piece of mesh under natural sunlight of the sun. With this conditions, dried anchovy characteristic taste salty waters, sweet aroma of fresh fish. Dried anchovies are a lot of customers prefer, and exported to all over the world. Dried anchovy processing proper food or canned food is delicious, such as anchovies with pepper, fried, poached ….

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Fish are often marketed as canned, pickled in olive oil.

100 g fish box contains:

– fat                                                 1.9 g

-calories                                         47

(Cholesterol                                   17 mg)

– Protein                                         5.8 g

– Sodium                                        734 mg

– Iron                                              0.9 mg

– Niacin                                          4.4  mg

–  Vitamin B12                              0, 2 mcg

– Calci                                            50.4 mg

– And numerous micronutrients …

In terms of nutrition, anchovy is a good source of protein, omega-3 fat type, niacin and minerals (calcium, iron, selenium, and other micronutrients) are very high. However as canned fish containing salt intake and high in purines so people with high blood pressure and gout should not take many (people with high blood pressure can use fresh fish). These people are taking isoniazid for tuberculosis prevention and treatment should not be used anchovy because the interaction between the drug and fish.

Here are 7 benefits of Anchovy:
1. Good for the Heart
Because anchovies are a good source of unsaturated fatty acids, beneficial for cardiovascular health. Eat anchovies may reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and reduce the risk of serious heart problems.
2. Fix cells
Protein in the anchovy is essential for tissue repair and growth link.
3. Skin Health
The essential fatty acids in fish, rice, along with vitamin E and selenium, promoting healthy skin. Anchovies eat regularly can help you maintain a glowing skin, prevent acne and wrinkles.
4. Teeth and bones
Anchovy provides a good source of calcium, which helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. They also contain vitamin A, a nutrient that promotes healthy bones.
5. Good for the eyes
Another benefit of vitamin A in anchovies as it helps maintain good vision and can prevent eye diseases related to aging such as macular degeneration and cataracts.
6. Weight Loss
Anchovy less calories and protein, can promote weight loss.
7. Seafood “clean”
Seafood often have unhealthy levels of mercury and other environmental toxins. Anchovy is a better option because less toxic because of their short life cycle
Besides. Older people lose fat, or watery life, children appetite, or night sweats, women after birth should regularly eat anchovies. Dry storage can eat rice or steamed.

with such nutritional content, dried anchovy dish has become indispensable in every family in Vietnam.

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