Dry Snakehead Price 1kg – Quality – Reasonable price

Dry Snakehead Price 1kg – Quality – Reasonable price

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If you are a croissant dish dry fish snack or know this special food can be seen as a special food of the West, that the West has quite a lot of provinces, so there are quite a lot. Dried snakehead fish such as dried An Giang snakehead fish, Cambodian dried fish snack (for fish imported from Cambodia), dried Ca Mau snakehead fish, and dried Phu Tho snakehead. This is what makes shoppers wonder whether dry fish snacks are the best?

Criteria assert dry fish snake delicious

Dry Snakehead Price 1kg

Dry Snakehead Price 1kg

First, to know where the dried snake is good, we need to know what is the criterion of dry snake fish?

– On the outside
Formal thoughts are not related to the content, but the dried fish snake itself is the form that determines the content. If not properly preserved, the quality of dried snakehead will be affected. Therefore, when choosing dried snakehead you need to choose the type of sealed, vacuum to ensure hygiene as well as product quality nhé!

– About aesthetic sense
The dried fish are delicious, sunny, do not need chemicals to color the yellow wings beautiful, dry fish (even with dry sunshine). If you observe light yellow fish, dry look is good fish. If you want to buy saltwater fish for long preservation, choose a slightly wet type.

– About taste
Dry fish must first remove the fishy smell of fish, replacing it with the characteristic smell of fish, combined with the spices and aromas of the sun to create the characteristic aroma of dried seafood. Fish tastes delicious, sweet and slightly tough, absolutely not hard as stone, not as long as nylon. Fish usually have a harmonious combination of salt – chili and sweet. Absolutely not the barbarians of sugar and MSG.

So where does the dried fish snake delicious?

Dry snakehead fish

Dry snakehead fish

Actually, dried fish snake delicious and famous is still dried snakehead fish are processed in the western provinces for the following reasons:

Snakehead fish in the West has suitable soil conditions, food sources are rich, warm climate favorable for fish to develop large fish, thick meat, sweeter meat.

– Second: In the West, it is usually sunny so fish drying is convenient. Fishes only need to be dried 3-4 times, so meat is fragrant, white (not deep) and tastier.Depending on the region where spice marinated will be different to create their own cold, depending on the perception of each person can see the fish somewhere better. However, only you choose the location of dry snack prestige will be consulted more enthusiastic to choose the type of fish that is safe for health.

Dried snakehead fish do the original 100%. Selection of the freshest snakehead fish, we clean thoroughly, remove the unused parts such as fish head, intestines and fish bones (only for the meat). Then it is seasoned thoroughly marinated with traditional, non-toxic spices, very good for health. After a sufficient time to spice into the meat, the snakehead fish is exposed to a minimum of 3 sun exposure, until dry to moderate dryness. Not too dry (hard and oiled), not too wet (easily moldy). The production process is carefully focused and always put the issue of food hygiene first to ensure the health of the user and ensure the quality of a famous specialty – Dried Western codfish.

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