Buy delicious dried anchovies anywhere in Vietnam,where to buy it

Buy delicious dried anchovies anywhere in Vietnam,where to buy it

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Dried Anchovy is a species with high nutritional content is often used fish sauce processing in addition due to the usability of the anchovy population should usually see dried sea was used to prepare many delicious dishes and exotic like anchovies with pepper, chilli warehouse, salad …

Information about the product dried anchovy

Dried anc ovies used in Asian

Dried anchovies used in Asian

Dried anchovies are prepared with fresh anchovies caught in Nha Trang, dried on a clean piece of mesh under natural sunlight of the sun. With such conditions, dried anchovy characteristic taste salty waters, fresh fish buries sweet.

Anchovy distributed throughout the waters along the coast, but to make our country a true taste delicious dried anchovy, plastics, fish taste sweet, they need an own secret spices from time to dry and stages or fish must be very meticulous. In our country there are many fishing villages for processing rice or dried fish sauce but more famous largely thanks to the Phu Quoc dried anchovies. Anchovy caught in waters of Phu Quoc has a very high nutritional content processing skills along with dried anchovy used Phu Quoc fish sauce was delicious. Also we can find dried anchovies purchase of Nha Trang or Phan Thiet dried anchovies are the place dried anchovies producing export quality.

When buying dried anchovy, the first thing you should consider is color outside. The color of gold fish and to touch it without feeling sticky wet. If dried cloudy, with pockmarked with brown spots, or the right to water is a long day of fishing.

Foreseeing the needs of customers looking to buy delicious dried anchovies and ensure hygienic conditions, in our dry-cargo ship is currently trading anchovy originating from Phu Quoc and Kien Giang fully meet targets export standards so you can be confident selection. With the salt content of dried anchovies do not exceed 5% of the volume of fish and fish used as fresh fish, packing hygienic food to reach a safe for customers to use.

How much does 1 kg of dried anchovies?

Dried anchovy delicious

Dried anchovy delicious

Our company has been certified as eligible basis for food safety management decided by the agricultural and forest products and Seafood offers. With many years’ experience in the trade. We will satisfy our customers. In addition, we delivered around the country and especially in the city you be delivered.

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We believe that the quality of the product will make you satisfied customers, offering delicious family meals

Come to us for choosing the best product, best quality, delivery nationwide, pay reasonable regime change, please contact us to be able to experience the special delicious fish dry rice, affordable and reasonable price will surely make you the most satisfied customers of quality products and good price in the market. The company regularly updates Giau of seafood and fresh produce, quality assurance in order to serve the best customers. Please contact us immediately to buy good food from dried anchovy offline.

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