Professionals offer dried anchovies – Seafood Giau

Professionals offer dried anchovies – Seafood Giau

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Dried anchovies are common foods in Vietnam. Dried anchovy easy maintenance, long-term use and contain more protein. It is not hard to buy dried anchovy but not sure quality or hygiene can be ensured or not. We Seafood Company which provided Mr. Anchovy rich nationwide dry. We strive to create the best products in terms of both quality and reasonable price. Through strict control of each stage of processing to non-delivery of inferior quality

dried anchovy offered by Mr. Rich

dried anchovy offered by Mr. Rich

Features dried anchovy Seafood Giau

Made from dried anchovy and fresh anchovy caught in waters as Central Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh, Quang Ngai. Dried on clean nets. Friendly dried anchovy long, flat shape, black spine length of about 4 cm.

Our dried anchovy is the kind made from fresh fish, rice, uncooked and not use bleach. So,  the color of dried anchovies very natural and white chalk lines on the side as well.

dried anchovy good price

dried anchovy good price

The use of dried anchovies

Dried anchovies are a lot of people preferred. Dried anchovy is not only delicious foods and also contains a lot of protein, vitamins, minerals such as zinc, sodium, selenium type of omega-3 fats, niacin. Dried anchovy is very good for your heart and eyes, weight loss, beautiful skin processed

Dried anchovy is also nutritious foods to have processed fish delicacy such as fried rice with garlic and chilli, galangal warehouse anchovies, anchovy warehouse spicy, try crispy anchovies, anchovy dry storage, or dried anchovies fried flour.

However as canned fish containing salt intake and high in purines so people with high blood pressure and gout should not take much for dried anchovies contain more protein. These people are taking isoniazid for tuberculosis prevention and treatment should not be used because there is no interaction between the drug and fish.

Sale prices and how to contact each of Seafood specialties Giau

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    We believe that the quality of the product will make you satisfy customers, offering delicious family meals

Hurry to contact us, we are committed delicious dried anchovy, the quality of your hand to ensure quality. We always take the prestige and quality of the business foundation. Come with us – seafood Giau, then you can be assured about the quality and price of products.

Pick up the phone and on the hotline 0913 433 587 (Mr. Thanh) or 0903 732 293 (Ms. Hien), goods will be delivery if you stay in the city. HCM and are shipping to if you’re in the other provinces.

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