Selling the dried shrimp which has the intact shell

Selling the dried shrimp which has the intact shell

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Dried shrimp shell is one of the famous specialty of Ca Mau sea. Fresh shrimp dried yellow shell suom attractive, most seasoned meat, firm has become one of the characteristics of the food culture of this land, so those who have ever traveled Ca Mau are buying dried shrimp shell on making gifts, donations or reserves for personal use, very convenient but also nutritious.
However, now you do not have to Ca Mau and still can buy the dried shrimp in shell. Shrimp are imported directly from the source in Ca Mau, extremely perfect quality.

Product Information about Ca Mau dried shrimp shell



Ca Mau is a region bordering the sea, and there are many rivers to produce incredibly rich. Ground dried shrimp shell is extremely popular here. The big shrimp, plump flesh, firm, sweet dried naturally very convenient for storage and use. Shrimps be prepared carefully by manual methods to keep the aroma and its natural sweetness. Dried shrimp shell is famous  because people here have their own recipes for shrimp when boiled shrimp with beautiful orange, fleshy part inside is not too dry, the nutritional value is guaranteed.

For high-quality shrimp, preliminary processing must first thoroughly, by land shrimp live in brackish water, mud clinging to the belly more and more so if not thoroughly wash the cooking will be hotels, a foul odor. It was carefully heated water into the belly of the shrimp to the sand drift off. Then they were transported boiled shrimp in boiling water for 5 minutes, then add a little salt to the boil dropped about 4 minutes, then take out and exposed to the sun or by drying with a dedicated drying. The eye-catching orange shrimp completely natural, without any additional marinated toxic dyes. Ca Mau dried shrimp shell is packed in airtight plastic packaging bap and ensure hygienic. When buying on just spent can be used always.

Advantages of the dried shrimp in shell versus shelled shrimp is the meat inside is not too dry, hard but kept its natural sweetness. However you will have to peel the crust while cooking or eating. Peeled shrimps stage is not too difficult or take a long time because it has been cooked.

Selecting dried shrimp shell



There are many different types of shrimp are brought, but the most delicious dried ground shrimp only, its flesh plump, firm and attractive sweetness. The land is not too big crawfish, his round and somewhat flattened, not too big, so the land is not shrimp. Ca Mau dried shrimp shell after drying or dried orange tan, not dark like peeled categories. Since it was not marinated additives or colorings so very natural colors. The taste of dried shrimp shell is very fragrant, just open packaging is dried shrimp could smell attractive spreads. Absolutely no odor, fishy or musty like the kind of cheap shrimp. The shrimp was cooked so you can use a sampling, if they’re naturally sweet shrimp is good quality shrimps. Shrimp meat is not too hard as kind of peeled up during cooking and do not thoroughly soaked or stewed. Avoid buying too large shrimp because it can be a prawn or shrimp buried alive in the sea, and very friable pale meat while cooking. If you buy too much and want to reserve to last long, only sealed, vacuum exhaust and put in the freezer that can be preserved for one year.

Dried shrimp, there are many kinds, but the most delicious dried shrimp shell remains. but keep the flavor of the sea water.


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