Dried Anchovy specializes in providing quality nationwide

Dried Anchovy specializes in providing quality nationwide

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Currently, the dishes are prepared with seafood has become familiar to the people of Vietnam. In particular, the fish dishes more prevalent. We – a unit specializing in providing quality Dried Anchovy nationwide desire to bring family Vietnam dried anchovy products and ensures the most securest. Products that we offer to our customers has been carefully checked the source and origin, so customers do not have to worry about product quality.

Features of dried anchovies

Anchovy is a common species in Vietnam, appear more in the Central region. Dried anchovies are processed by bringing fresh anchovy fishing has been dried on a clean piece of mesh under natural sunlight of the sun. However, dried anchovy still fresh flavor of fresh anchovies.

Anchovies with 3-4 cm long body, lives mostly in salt water. But that’s all pretty small, but it contains a lot of nutrients that: protein, vitamins, minerals,… very nutritious. Children also love to eat this fish.

Usually anchovies be processed to make sauce, famous as anchovy sauce metastasis. In addition, there are dried anchovy processing milk so the flavor dishes salty waters as sweet and sour fried dried anchovies, dried anchovies fried spicy sauce, dried anchovy warehouse galangal, dried anchovy rim.

Anchovy dish warehouse milk for their hunting, hard and salty a little bit that we can serve with rice or plain, very simple as that, but was able to bring delicious and nutritious for your family.

cheap dried anchovy

cheap dried anchovy

Selling price dried anchovies and fish delicacies from this:

Our company specializes in providing quality Dried Anchovy nationwide with affordable price:

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dried anchovy

dried anchovy

Making a pot of anchovy warehouse

Anchovy is familiar rustic fish dishes of Vietnam. Anchovy is both cheap and easy to make delicious and rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, … so that it is processed in many types of daily meals served family

Raw materials for food dried anchovy stock:

  • 200 g dried anchovy
  • Chili
  • Spices kinds

The processing is as follows:

  • Dried anchovies washed several times with water to clean dirt off.
  • For fish in warm water soak for about 15 minutes and then remove them less salty, drain.
  • Prepare a pan of hot oil, stirring fish fishing hunting arms until completely dry.
  • When you see the crispy fish with dark yellow, add sugar until sugar dissolves island.
  • Garlic finely chopped peppers, mixed with fish sauce, sugar has dissolved, then pour forward to the pan, until the island dried fish.
  • Turn off the stove, pour out the disc fish served with rice
  • Fish after pouring out once discs will dry crispy and delicious. This dish served on frozen or rainstorm is correct, even irritate the stomach.

Not fussy, just prepare something extremely simple ingredients, you can make up the food processed from dried anchovy extremely delicious and tasty sea. Can mentions the very special dishes such as sweet and sour roasted anchovies, anchovy sauce soaked fried, spicy fried anchovies, anchovy minced garlic, fried dried anchovies, dried anchovy spicy sauce, fish dry rice warehouse galangal, dried anchovy rim, … Listen to the name alone that we’ve wanted to taste even then is not it!

The fragrant aroma of dried anchovy crunchy will make your family meals more interesting there. Do not hesitate any longer without calling us now to get the quality of delivery to take place, you only need to call one of the two telephones hotline seafood Giau, you will be a team of our staff consulting and enthusiastic support. Processed quickly so dishes anchovies from any customers loved us.

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