Dried herring delicious – clean – high quality

Dried herring delicious – clean – high quality

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For us, the ocean is endless. We know only a percentage of it. And a very admirable thing that gives us the sea is a rich source of seafood. Among them, there is an extremely valuable fish species in economic terms and nutrition, such as herring -Type only seasonal seafood.

Features dried herring



Products made from herring that is dry most famous herring – indispensable in the fishing area, a dish indispensable in daily meals.

Herring is fish like tomorrow but larger fish, with bluish skin, small bone, long body, thin, two functions are equal. Fish are small or missing teeth, thin round scales, easy loss, scaly comb species, living in the belly of the fish serrated. Herring migration behavior in large schools. Herring lives in surface water, often without shelter, with their elongated fins even normal development, health tail track, swimming fast. Dried herring de.Ca do very fresh salted and dried extract with at least 1 sun this be this delicious dry food. For fish, the fish must be delicious tasty.

Equally delicious dried herring grilled snapper. Slightly salty taste of herring, baked up fragrant nose neighbor discovered that craving, cooked dried herring drinks for men are not impeccable.

Nutrient content in the dry herring



Herring little fishy, very good food, white meat, low in fat and is within easy catch fish herring nhat.Thit contain lots of omega-3 commonly known as fatty acid types produce DHA, a essential plays an important role in the development of the brain, enhancing brain health. Omega-3 helps regulate blood pressure. Omega-3 brings positive protection against cardiovascular disease.

Herring is a fish oil supply is abundant, especially rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Also herring also provides vitamin D is good for the body. Therefore, herring is one of the types of fish that nutrition experts recommend.¬†provide enough protein and amino acids, trace minerals with the matter. Fish fat and more vitamin A and vitamin D, it’s good for
health. Fish protein is relatively stable in the range from 16% to 17%, the amount of protein and lipid almost stable for each type of fish. The more fatty fish, the less amount of water, and vice versa. Glucide quantity of fish is negligible, less than 1% in the form of glycogen.¬†Herring are an important source of vitamins. Fat fish, especially fatty fish liver vitamin A and B vitamins in fish D.Luong similar in flesh but in fishes vitamin B lower than meat. In fish also have folic acid, vitamin B12, tocopherol, biotin and choline. Also fish also provides minerals for the development of the body, especially for children. Fish contains minerals in trace important as Cu, Co, Zn, Iodine … which, iodine of a relatively high number of sea fish.

Is that which has the quality herring then treasury also like nutrient content. Meals will be missing something important if the lack of fish in general as well as dried herring in particular.With such superb quality, please immediately contact us to have this kind of dried herring greatest good for themselves.

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